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(SP & MP) | Wesnoth version>=1.13.6
authors from add-ons which helped with their code: Ruvaak(AWW), SigurdFireDragon(GuiDebugTools)
Allow to configure LVL up options.
Configurable LVL up options:
  - heal on lvl up : heal a % of max hitpoints on lvl up
  - cure on lvl up : cure status (slowed, poisoned) on lvl up
  - auto focus (scroll + select) the unit that is undergoing an advancement
Configurable AMLA bonus (you can configure the probability of each) :
  - +X-Y HP
  - +X-Y damage
  - +X-Y attacks
  - +1 vision
  - +1 movement
Configurable AMLA Options:
  - xp increase : the % of xp increase necessary to get to the next AMLA level
  - maximum non deterministic gains : if an AMLA bonus is not at 100% chance, limit the number of probabilistic bonus that the units can gain in one level. Bonus are given in the order of the list above.

What's ready but there are issues (so not in the add-on) :
  - +X-Y% accuracy (+10% means with 40% accuracy you would get 44% accuracy)
    It is not supported by the game, the bonus isn't added into computation
  - +X-Y recall cost (doesn't count towards the maximum)
    Some units don't support an increase in recall_cost (like rats) and cause errors but I have yet to find how to detect those units

  If you want to add experience with Gui Debug Tools to give AMLA bonus, be aware that if the advancements slider is on 0 it won't work, you must have it on 1.
Changelog: see changelog file or the wesnoth forum topic.



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