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Scenario (Multiplayer)




Fun maps and gamemodes to be used with LordAwsomeness's RPG Era! 
Intial releases include the exciting Evolve gamemode and a linear RPG map (both of which are compatible with LordAwsomeness's RPG Era).

Evolve: Up to four players play as the heroes who are trying to defend the villages from goblin and orcish raids. One player is The Beast. The Beast lurks in the nearby forests devouring animals and whatever else it can find. The beast has multiple objectives and bonuses that it will gain from slaying the local animals. The heroes will have to slay the beast quickly or else it will evolve into an unstoppable force! (Add-on comes with one evolve map with the initial release)

RPG Map: A simple linear RPG map with little storyline to give a simple test of how the RPG system works. Bigger RPG maps will be added onto this add-on in the future so stay tuned!!

version 0.0.3 - 03-10-20

Update 0.0.3 - 03-10-20
	*fixed a minor typo that caused issues with loading on multiple platforms.

Update 0.0.2 - 03-09-20
	*updated wml to be compatible with the LA_RPG_ERA update 0.3.3

Initial Release 0.0.1 - 01-31-20
	*released an Evolve gamemode and corresponding map.
	*released a simple linear RPG map with minimal storyline.



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