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First off hats off to Bob_The_Mighty for his rpg era because many of my ideas and inspirations derived greatly from his creations! Second the heroes are custom units pillaged from 1.8 Wesband that have changing sprites according to the weapons you have equipped. (all credit goes to those who helped work on that legendary addon. Rest in peace Wesband) (Except the drake; that was all me and I take all credit for frakenstining that as it took a full day to complete)

In this addon you able able to build your character from 8 different races across multiple different maps with various gamemodes and objectives. Most maps settings are heavily customizable with Custom Settings offering a vast array of options. The replayablity of scenarios in this addon addon is infinite! 

Choose from humans, dwarves, elves, goblins, orcs, saurians, trolls and now the newest addition: drakes. Create your hero with unique classes, magic abilities and weapons. Weapons and skills are upgradeable, magic is castable from afar, and your heroes can adopt numerous playstyles to fit your preference. Try out the magic system that was reworked in update 0.3.0 and enjoy the mana and magic casting system which has been heavily expanded upon and updated since the start of 2020!

As of version 0.4.0 LA_RPG_Maps is no longer supported as its contents have been merged with LA_MP_Pack and it has been removed from the addons server.

Currently the addon contains 8 multiplayer maps:
LA: 6p Arena Survival - A medium sized Boss based survival map. Kill the bosses or simply survive as long as you can!
LA: 4p The Maze Lite RPG Adventure - A simple Lite RPG that was shipped out with the 0.3.0 release. New larger, story driven RPG adventure maps will be released in the upcoming months!
LA: 6p Rumble - Tiny map for quick action. Players receive a huge amount of hero points and gold to start and battle it out in the middle of the tiny arena for the precious artifacts.
LA: 5p Evolve - Medium map that was released with version 0.3.0. This gamemode is due to get reworked to a 5-7 player PvP map in the future so stay tuned for that update!
LA: Creep Wars - 3 different Creep War maps! Contains a broad set of options and modifactions so you can play it exactly the way you want to!
LA: 7 World Survival - Players jump from world to world trying to survive the oncoming waves and kill all of the other players.

Please make sure that you download LordAwsomeness's RPG Era's Resources for all of the music, images, and sounds. It is necessary to run this addon.

Thank you so much for your support as we continue to develop this mess!

version 0.4.8e - 08-09-20
Known bugs for 0.4.8 (including bugs carried over from previous patches)
	*sometimes there is a bug where spell cast attacks do not kill enemies as they are supposed to even if they have the proper amount of damage for it.
	*damage from fire aura and thornmail doesnt always calculate properly when used offensively resulting in the damage retaliation only being 1 damage. (this usually only happens when your unit is attacking offensively. defensively it works fine.)
	*when heroes are using non-casting magical attacks, the hero's image will swap to other weapon variations
		*(ei: if a human is using fireball while holding a sword, the animation variation will switch to other weapons such as an axe, then a staff, etc.)
		*this isnt a gamebreaking bug and I am working on a way to patch this issue.
	*if you have a javelin equipped and you unequip a spear or another polearm weapon then the javelin will remain.
	*sometimes when you attempt to use your summoning ability as a goblin, the units you have unlocked will not show up.
	*on the 6p Arena Survival Map: stepping on chests dropped from killing towers will not reward the player with the gold they are supposed to receive
	*there is a visual bug where when you kill an enemy with a csting attack, if you have enemy heroes on the other team it will display them receiving the gold and XP from the kill. They do not actually gain the gold and xp so it is a minor bug that is just visual.
		*if this happens on creep wars however, the points will be given to the wrong team.
Update 0.4.8e - 08-09-20
	*changed the deity class options to penitences for more choices and preluding future gameplay updates.
	*fixed a bug where the elvish hunter class was gaining rogue class resistances and defenses.
	*increased the dwarven warriors 'dwarven fury' ability hero points cost from 5 to 20.
Update 0.4.8d - 07-31-20
	*fixed a gamebreaking bug that prevented the addon from loading.
	*added the new Elf class: Elvish Hunter
	*added the new Human class: Bowman
Update 0.4.8c - 07-31-20
	*added female heroes to the game!
	*minor bugfixes.
	*several spelling and typo fixes.
Update 0.4.8b - 03-26-20
	*fixed a bug where the buffs were being applied to creeps in 7WS on the first wave.
	*added wave number as a label to 7WS.
Update 0.4.8a - 03-26-20
	*minor bugfixes.
Update 0.4.8 - 03-25-20
	*added the new map LA: 7 World Survival.
Update 0.4.7c - 03-24-20
	*another small bugfix.
Update 0.4.7b - 03-24-20
	*small bugfix.
Update 0.4.7a - 03-24-20
	*created a temporary fix for the issues with the tower chests being dropped and players not being able to pick them up.
	*updated modification options and gave players more choices on some of the Creep Wars options.
	*added more clarity to modification option descriptions.
Update 0.4.7 - 03-24-20
	*fixed some bugs where if you used a casting attack and killed a unit, units on the other team would recieve the kill gold as well.
	*seperated the images, sounds, and music to the new resources for this addon: LordAwsomeness's RPG Era Resources.
	*adjusted some of the magic casting attack Hero Point costs.
Update 0.4.6a - 03-23-20
	*fixed a major bug with revives not working properly.
	*added the dry version of the 3v3 Creep Wars map.
Update 0.4.6 - 03-23-20
	*nerfs to the fire avatar and the fire god: reduced damage.
	*huge buffs to all magician classes: drastically reduced the hero point costs of all magical attacks (non-casting attacks for magician classes)
	*major adjustments to magical casting attacks:
		*added upgrades to the casting attack trees.
		*nerfed the base damage to give more value to upgrading the casting attacks.

Update 0.4.5d - 03-22-20
	*minor adjustments to creep wars as well as a bugfix.
Update 0.4.5b - 03-21-20
	*fixed a major bug for the creep wars maps.
Update 0.4.5a - 03-21-20
	*fixed some small bugs.
	*adjusted some scaling properties of creeps in creep wars.
	*reduced the cooldown for almost all magical casting and passive abililties.
	*changed the objective from the bosses dying to the towers dying being the victory condition.
	*fixed the bug where player revives would still give gold to the enemy teams.

Update 0.4.5 - 03-20-20
	*fixed a bug where you could loot an infinite amount of gold from dead bodies.
	*fixed multiple other minor bugs.
	*added new maps: 
		*LA: 2v2v2 Creep Wars - 3 teams facing off against each other to kill the other teams' boss!
			*spend gold in the shops to upgrade your creeps and overcome your opponents!
		*LA: 3v3 Creep Wars - 2 teams facing off against each other to kill the other team's boss!
			*spend gold in the shops to upgrade your creeps and overcome your opponents!
	*added another level for the swift upgrade. (2 upgrades of swift total)
	*added even one more level for the swift upgrade only for trolls (3 upgrades of swift total for trolls)
Update 0.4.4 - 03-19-20
	*added a new map: 
		*6p LA Rumble - PvP arena map
	*changed some descriptions and names of maps and scenarios in multiplayer lobbies to make it easier for players to find scenarios attached to this map pack.
	*reverted hero points to 5 points gained per advancement.
	*removed heroes gaining levels after advancing multiple times (heroes always remain level 1)
	*changed spoils rewards to reflect competitive gamemodes:
		*the changes to this allows the addition of countless PvP projects that we have been imagining for months now! Enjoy as we add new and exciting PvP gamemodes and reimagine some old maps!
	*added a consumables menu inside of the items menu.
	*added melee attacks to all of the towers on the survival map.
	*added some UI clarity as well as an explaination on artifacts when picking them up.
	*added a new drake class: drake burner - fire breath focused class.
	*made several changes to all races:
		*each race now begins with a starting bonus:
			*drakes now all have fire breath (as of patch 0.4.3)
			*dwarves begin with a runic artifact of their choice
			*elves begin with +1 frenzy movement (already been applied from previous updates)
			*goblins: begin with the concealment ability
			*humans: begin with the inspire ability
			*orcs: begin with bloodlust lvl 1
			*saurians: begin with skirmisher
			*trolls: begin with regenerates +2
	*added 3 new artifacts:
		*runic warhammer
		*runic greaves
		*runic chestplate
	*fixed a bug where polearm mastery wasn't giving the Firstrike ability when equipping any polearm weapons.
	*fixed a bug where crystaline scepter wasing giving the additional casting range.
	*fixed a bug where items in the shop applied the increased costs before the gold was subtracted, causing the players to pay double for the items/potions and go into negative numbers.
	*various minor bugfixes, spelling fixes and UI adjustments.
Update 0.4.3a - 03-17-20
	*fixed a major bug with hero points not properly getting applied upon leveling up.
Update 0.4.3 - 03-17-20
	*increased the water elemental, avatar, and god's defense in flat terrain from 30% to 40%.
	*added the magical weapon special to the water elemental, avatar, and god's waterspray attack.
	*fixed a bug where if you pick up socerer's shoes from dead bodies, you will lose the stats that you are supposed to gain.
	*fixed a bug where if you kill an enemy while your hero is holding a stacking artifact, the artifact's bonus resistance or hp would go to the unit that killed the enemy rather than your hero.
	*added 2 more levels of the frenzy upgrade (has a max level of 5 rather than 3 now).
	*fixed a number of animations for the elementals.
	*changed some elementals' hitpoints, damage and xp for some maps.
		*for survival maps massively increased the hp and xp for avatars and gods for each respective elemental.
		*for survival maps, increased damage for avatars and gods for each respective elemental.
	*removed the magical weapon special from the fire elemental lines' melee attack and replaced it with 'ablaze'.
	*replaced the cleave 40% ability on the earth god with a more ally friendly cleave 40% - this ability does not harm or kill ally units.
	*added the cleave 30% ability to the earth avatar on specific maps.
	*removed deprecated armors and clothes from being able to be picked up off of dead heroes' bodies.
	*added the regernerates abilities back to the earth elemental lines.
	*reworked the troll race's regernerates ability
		*trolls now have to upgrade their regenerates: starts at regenerates 2 and can be upgraded up to regenerates 12. (early game nerf, mid/lategame buff.
	*gave the drake race fire breath by default.
	*added upgrades to fire breath.
Update 0.4.2 - 03-16-20
	*fixed a bug where sorcerers shoes would remove the stats instead of give them when picking it up from a chest.
	*fixed a bug where when you give the crystal staff away it would increase your stats instead of decreasing them.
	*changed the trolls from having access to the red magic tree.
	*gave all magician classes magical attacks.
		*restricted all classes except for magician classes from accessing standard magical attacks.
		*added upgrades for magical attacks for magician classes.
	*nerfs to the fire avatar: max hp 55 to 50, cold resistance from -25% to -50%
	*nerfs to the fire god: max hp 75 to 65, cold resistance from -20% to -50%
	*nerfed the fire elemental: cold resistance from -30% to -50%
	*changed the towers resistances and damage types.
	*changed the towers max hp from 100 to 120 (except for the dwarf tower).
	*reduced the cooldowns for all attack casting spells.
Update 0.4.1a - 03-15-20
	*fixed a bug where the unit wouldnt hold the weapon equipped after the initial weapon swap.
	*fixed a bug where the prices for potions, lily and some other items were not displaying in the shop.
	*other minor bugfixes.
Update 0.4.1 - 03-15-20
	*updated original race selection lore.
	*created a new UI menu for the artifacts.
	*added the first set of artifacts as well as incorperated them into the scenarios.
		*Tears of the goddess
		*Golden Armlet
		*Silver Armlet
		*Haldric's Helmet
		*Scepter of Fire
		*Frozen Heart
		*Crystaline Staff
		*Yrumry's Lightning Rod
		*Socerer's Shoes
		*Magic Boots
	*added a couple of traps to the maps.
Update 0.4.0 - 03-14-20
	*major performance fixes.
	*merged the addon LA_RPG_Maps back into one full addon.
		*this has solved many of the issues previously plaguing the two addons as now the preprocessor will no longer load both of the addons multiple times.
Update 0.3.5d - 03-14-20
	*added updated damage calculations to the new weapon UI (it will actually display the correct adjusted equipped damage).
	*updated the lore for the races.
Update 0.3.5c - 03-14-20
	*added a confirmation message for salvaging weapons.
	*major buxfix with the issues with weapons equipping with 0 damage.
Update 0.3.5b - 03-13-20
	*fixed some major bugs.
	*fixed some performance issues.
	*changed the weapon UI to allow more interactions in the future.
Update 0.3.5a - 03-11-20
	*quick bugfix
Update 0.3.5 - 03-11-20
	*fixed a minor bug with hero levels getting reset when they equip and unequip weapons.
	*fixed a major bug with tier 5 weapons not appearing in the shop.
	*major nerfs to the earth elemental line as it proved to be far too strong in just about every situation. - removed the regeneration ability at all levels, changed fire and cold resistances to negative values at all levels. (the rock dude is now weak to fire same as most rock and mud type monsters are in wesnoth)
	*fixed a minor bug where the human backstab ability would get removed when equipping daggers when it was supposed to remain.
	*adjusted the cost of Heroic Potion from 40g to 50g for the first purchase and the price increases by 25g everytime the player buys another.
	*adjusted the cost of Haste Potion from 20g to 30g for the first purchase and the price increases by 15g everytime the player buys another.
	*adjusted the cost of Max Mana Potion from 15g to 25g for the first purchase and the price increases by 25g everytime the player buys another.
	*added new casting abilities:
		*brute magic tree:
			*exposing curse
		*decay magic tree:
			*temporal winds
	*adjusted casting abilities:
		*brute magic tree:
				*changed the debuff from a flat rate to a percentage rate (ie: level 1: changed from -1 damage to -10% damage).
				*changed mana costs from 8 to 7.
				*added 2 more levels of intimidation: totaling up to 5 levels of the spell.
				*changed the mana costs from 10 to 6.
				*changed the max cooldown from 7 to 5.
		*runic magic tree:
			*runic forge:
				*added a percentage rate on top of the existing flat rate (ie: level 1: changed from +1 damage to +1 + 10% damage)
				*added 1 more level of runic forge: totaling up to 4 levels of the spell.
	*nerfed the ability despair's effect from being 15% to 10%
		*added the bloodlust ability to the orcs race tree.
	*buffed vigor to give an additional +1 max hitpoints on upgrades 1-3 and +2 max hitpoints on upgrades 4-6.
Update 0.3.4a - 03-10-20
	*minor bugfix with the tomes 'Purification' and 'Gust' not appearing in the consumables menu.
	*adjusted some menus to display the weapon type as to avoid confusion for newer players or people who just are not sure of what type of damage a weapon does.
	*fixed a minor bug where your summoned units would lose the upkeep=loyal modification as soon as it leveled up above level 1.
Update 0.3.4 - 03-10-20
	*thoroughly went through and patched in remove overlays onto all of the times players will spend their hero points
	*minor bugfixes
	*several changes to the difficulty of the Arena Survival map
	*new tomes added:
		*minor tome of healing
		*major tome of healing
		*magical tome of the gust
		*magical tome of purification
	*added new casting spells for the decay magic line
		*ice blast (casting attack)
		*null magic scales
	*adjusted the costs of summoning tomes from 30g to 45g.
	*adjusted the cost of Heroic Potion from 25g to 40g.
	*adjusted the cost of Huge Health Potion from 35g to 40g
	*adjusted several weapons:
		*prices for all weapons have been changed (including the weapons listed below, all prices for tier 3-5 have increased)
		*heavy sling tiers 1-5 damage and price increased
		*heavy sling tier 5 deftness and dexterity req increased
		*thunderstick tiers 3-5 damage and price increased
		*repeater tiers 3-5 damage and price greatly increased
		*halberd tiers 3-5 damage and price increased
		*pike tiers 3-5 damage and price increased
		*crossbow tiers 3-4 damage and price increased
		*crossbow tier 5 damage and attacks adjusted from 16-3 to 24-2
		*guinsoos rageblade damage and price decreased
		*guinsoos rageblade deft, dexterity and magic requirements increased by 1 each
		*guinsoos rageblade damage type changed from 'fire' to 'blade'
		*mace tiers 1-5 damage and attacks adjusted from having 2 strikes to 1 and increased damage
		*light sword tiers 4-5 damage and price decreased
		*orcish sword tiers 4-5 damage and price greatly increased
		*orcish sword tiers 4-5 strength requirement increased
		*hatchet tier 2 damage and price increased
		*hatchet tiers 3-5 damage and price greatly increased
		*fire bow tiers 3-5 price greatly increased
		*fire sword tiers 3-5 price greatly increased
Update 0.3.3 - 03-09-20 - MASSIVE UPDATE!!
		*drakes have access to Red Magic and also have exclusive access to the warblade weapon in the shop and in their inventory. Very fun new hero race to play so try it out!
	*added the new map: Arena Survival
	*modified a minor bug where heroes who chose the Ritesh bloodline would receive +2 extra gold instead of +1 per enemy unit kill. Now +2 is the standard (as this line needed a buff anyways).
	*added multiple new magical passive and casting abilities.
		*arcane shield: recovers a certain amount of damage recieved from combat.
		*fire aura: Any unit that strikes the unit with fire aura in melee suffers fire damage equal to 1/4 the damage dealt (damage amount is slightly buggy when the player is the attacker. working on a fix).
		*thornmail: Any unit that strikes the unit with thornmail in melee suffers pierce damage equal to 1/4 the damage dealt (damage amount is slightly buggy when the player is the attacker. working on a fix).
		*second skin: At your last breath instead of dying, remain at 1 hp until the begining of your next turn.
		*undershirt: At your last breath instead of dying, remain at 1 hp until the begining of your next turn.
		*from the ashes: revives your hero with 34% of your max hp.
		*mana surge: When the targeted is hit, they will gain +1 mana for each hit until they have full mana again.
		*added a ton of new castable attacks! Attack your enemies from several tiles away!
			*Ice blast, Hail Strike, Flaming Stones, and several more! (some are locked away in tomes that you can buy, or must find on a map).
	*heavily buffed all existing healing spells.
	*adjusted the mana and cooldowns of several magical casting abilities.
	*minor UI changes for better clarity and understanding for the players in several menus.
		*when you select an option that you lack the proper core stats (strength, magic, etc.), you now get an option that asks if you would like to be taken to the proper menu to make those upgrades.
	*nerfs to hero amla:
		*heroes now gain 10% max xp upon leveling up instead of 5%.
		*heroes now only heal for 10 HP + 20% of their max hp upon leveling up.
			*this can be upgraded in the hero races upgrades
	*fixed a bug were if you cast a spell, multiple options in red would pop up saying 'you cannot cast a spell on a target that already has this spell cast on them'
	*fixed a bug where the wrong variable numbers were input and made the tier 3,4 and 5 crossbows far more cost effective than they should have been (not to mention their damage output was obscene because of this bug)
	*major consumable items rework (potions and such):
		*heavily reduced the cost of all potions.
		*heavily increased the heal power of all potions (more bang for your buck. potions are actually worth purchasing now).
		*added a hero point potion
		*added a movement reset potion
		*added multiple new consumables:
				*Potion of Heroic Power - gives 5 hero points
				*Potion of Haste - resets moves to max 
				*Arcane Tome - makes all of the hero's weapons (not magical attacks) arcane for a turn)
				*Blade Tome - makes all of the hero's weapons (not magical attacks) blade for a turn)
				*Cold Tome - makes all of the hero's weapons (not magical attacks) cold for a turn)
				*Fire Tome - makes all of the hero's weapons (not magical attacks) fire for a turn)
				*Impact Tome - makes all of the hero's weapons (not magical attacks) impact for a turn)
				*Pierce Tome - makes all of the hero's weapons (not magical attacks) pierce for a turn)
				*Lawful Tome - makes your hero's alignment lawful
				*Neutral Tome - makes your hero's alignment neutral
				*Chaotic Tome - makes your hero's alignment choatic
	*added reduced costs for weapon upgrades on races specialties. (ie: elves get reduced hero point costs with light melee weapons and standard ranged weapons).
	*added better descriptions for magic trees and what specifically they bring to the table.
	*fixed a bug where if a player stepped on a chest the chest would split between dead and alive players.
	*added a new weapon lines:
		*Repeater Rifle
		*hatchet (thrown)
	*heavily reduced the thunderstick weapon tree's damage for the first 3 tiers, and slightly reduced the damage on tier 4 and 5.
Update 0.3.2 - 01-31-20
	*more minor bugfixes
	*fixed a longtime bug where the label on shops wasn't appearing
	*fixed a major bug where when the spoils xp procs, the dungeon master and other playable oppossing players' leaders would also gain the xp.
	*fixed a major bug: when an ally kills an enemy unit and the spoils xp procs, if the xp was enough to level up an ally unit it would level them up 3 times giving them unfair Hero Point gains as well as level advantages. This fixed a major balancing issue. the level up animation may still go off multiple times but the bonuses will not be applied (so rest assured that the bug itself is fixed, just the multiple level up animation is all that remains).
	*added more nonplayable animals into upcoming gamemodes.
Update 0.3.1
	*lots of minor bugfixes
	*lots of major bugfixes including fixing a gamebreaking bug where when you equipped a new weapon, your hero regains full HP.
	*added bonus upgradeable hp in the races menu
	*disabled the debug mode by default
	*added a new setup option that allows players to start with an allotted amount of hero points after creating their character (ranges from 0-25)
	*removed the dungeon master gamemode from this add-on (may be replaced with an updated version in LordAwsomeness's RPG Map Pack)



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