Hearts of the North








Cycle Hearts of the North including Refined First Five Parts: 
Melody of Wrath, The Demon of our Ourselves, Ray Among Shadows, Distant Memory and Oneness of our Hearts in one Package

54 Scenarios (26 Story and 28 Battle Scenarios)

(Attention! The Refined version is not compatible with older Beta versions, so old game saves will not work)

The darkness in which a luminous flower is born - ends

Mysilthil - the ballade

We are on the road that is about to end
There is no path around, we go astray, we seek, and our guide is a long song
Our anthem carries over hearts like the rustle of trees
Peace is our way, and evil a spike
Our hometown rivers flow in our veins and rubble of mountain tears is our shield
We are warriors in which the melody of the world plays
Our future is the flight of the majestic butterfly among the sea of northern plains

Anthem of the North

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