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Eagle 11


This mod contains several options that do something related to Mage units when checked on, here is a listing of contained options.

- Seperated Healer and Mages: Loyalists(and Rebels) get an White Adept unit who functions as an level 1 healer unit that can level into White Mage. Mage gets tweaked to not level into White Mage, instead gains an new possible advancement named Grey Mage, which is an more close combat oriented mage armed with sword and magic missile spell.
- Magic Missile pierce damage instead fire: Damage type of magic missile attack found on Mage and Grey Mage gets replaced with pierce instead fire with this setting checked.
- Neutral alignment Mages: Alignment of Mage unit gets changed to neutral.
- 'Fire Shield' for Red Mages: Red Mage, Arch Mage and Great Mage(and Magister too if enabled) units gain 'Fire Shield' ability. Whenever an unit with 'Fire Shield' gets struck in melee the attacker suffers fire damage equal to 1/4 the damage dealt.
- 'Rain of Fire' attack: The level 4 Great Mage gains an additional 'rain of fire' 36-1 fire damage attack that always has 40% chance to hit and deals area of effect damage, meaning any units in hexes adjacent to the target, irrevelant of being friend or foe will take 1/3 of the damage.
- Extra mage types: Enables two additional type of advancements for Mages: Blue(male only) and Green(female only). The Blue Mages move fast and defend well in frozen landscape, use cold attacks and can gain an secondary lightning bolt fire attack upon leveling into Tempest Mages. The Green Mages move fast and defend well in forests, use thorns and entangle attacks and can regenerate health upon leveling into Nature Mages.
- Teleporting Arch Mages: Silver Mage advancement gets disabled for both Red Mage and White Mage units, Arch Mage and Great Mage units gain 'teleport' ability.
- Magister enable: Arch Mage can level into an additional unit type named Magister, which has 'Battle Tutor' ability. The Magister allows adjacent friendly units to earn extra xp in combat through this ability.
- Silver Mage attack alteration: Silver Mage's ranged attack gets altered into 18-2 lightning from 9-4 missile, damage type remains the same(fire).

All options are default off, so go mix and match to your heart's content.



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