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This is a unique (multiplayer) era consists of the six default factions plus one user made content (UMC) faction: Halfelven.

Lacking pugnacity, Halfelven defend towns and settlements and use terrain characteristics for tactical hit and run attacks at dawn or dusk. Their alignment liminal gives them a constant -25% nerf at night and -25% at day, and +-0% at dusk or dawn.
They rely on careful use of villages, healers, leaders and coordinated strikes around (liminal) dusk or dawn. Slow but mighty golems can breach lines or secure a retreat. Halfelven units tend to be costlier than average but level up quicker due to the musthave trait intelligence.
Among the Halfelven are paramedics, weapon- and armour-bearers, tame scouting birds, war chariots, and protective golems. They are set south of Wesnoth in the maritime hillcountry beyond the Black River.

Note: This UMC can easily be intergated in custom scenarios, campaigns or multiplayer adventures. It has a very easy format; try it out!
Happy virtual fighting and a good experience!



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