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Halfelven: It is a unique stand alone faction of the classical epoch. Their ranks boast chaotic and liminal units, leaders, paramedics, weapon- and armour-bearers, shieldmaidens, tame scouting birds, war-chariots, and golems. It is set south of Wesnoth beyond the Black River.

Faction: Lacking pugnacity, halfelven defend towns and settlements and use terrain characteristics for tactical hit and run attacks at dawn or dusk. Their alignment liminal gives them -25% nerf at night and -25% at day, and +-0% at dusk or dawn.
They rely on careful use of villages, healers, leaders and coordinated strikes around (liminal) dusk or dawn. Slow but mighty golems can breach lines or secure a retreat. Halfelven units tend to be costlier than average but level up quicker due to the musthave trait intelligence.

Prehistory: Eons ago, they split from the Elfs to avoid being tainted by Faerie magic and set themselves apart. Over time, their artists, engineers, and scientists became skillful in arcane production methods. But as a race, they stood somewhat pure and simple. Therefor, halfelven are not enwrought by magic like elfs, faeries, and wose. As a consequence, they do not live as long and are less vulnerable to arcane attacks: elfs have +-0%, halfelven have -10% and humans have -20%.

Classical Epoch: Halfelven originated from the shores in the east and had contact with the civilizations in the Deva Mountains of Arajunna. They wandered westward from a fertile land between big river streams that became drought-stricken.
Since classical era, before Wesnoth was even foundet, they settled in the southern region beyond the Black River at the Sleepless Sea.
Today, they mostly live as deep-read merchants, researchers, teachers, artists, navigators, astronomers, writers, in towns, cities and ports.

Arcane Arts: Halfelven traditionally fight with arcane-hardened aluminium-bronze weaponry and armour, for iron is regarded as inferior. Among the Elfs, they are renowned for their arcane metal arts and are considered the most able weapon smiths, for elfs suffer if they get in contact with iron.

Golems: In Wesnoth, today, halfelven are best known for their Golems, robot-like guardians animated by programming code on parchment placed inside their construction. They are slow and sturdy but tend to wear out over time.

Note: This faction can easily be intergated in custom scenarios, campaigns or multiplayer adventures. It has a very easy format.
This user made content (UMC) is also part of a southern style wesnoth-era called [i]Southerners and Default Era[/i], try it in multiplayer (MP) mode.
Happy virtual fighting and a good experience!



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