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This is more advanced version of Q CIV era.
This is s PLAYABLE and nearly BUG FREE, BUT yet unfinished version. A lot more things will be added later.
Units are produced inside villages. It takes few turns to produce.
Buildings are procuded inside villages same way as units.
Some unit have ranged attacks and can shoot over multiple hexes.
Units become weaker if wounded... 
You research new units and economical improvements.. You may adjust research speed in settings.
3 Random Map Generators where you can choose Islands, Continents or Crazy FFA map. There is a realistic small world map for 6 players included (Made by my kind great friend Choicerer),
There is also small Europe map for UP TO 9 players included.
Now also tiny Europe map for up to 7 players for quicker game.
But you can play this era on almost any map, Isar Cross or whatever else.
By default you start with no villages on map and 3 settlers to build your own villages, but you may change some things in settings. 
Have fun!
0.5.6 Added option to progressively increase requirements for research. Now if you choose experimental progressive research then it will be harder and harder to research more advanced technologies, so it will very likely never happen to research as fast as 1 tech per turn if you have huge research potential. After thinking a lot, I decided to change interrupting improvements even further to completely avoid abusing it, - interrupting improvement will cancel 1 turn of their completion if settlers used any movepoints before starting to work on improvement. In other words - if settlers started improvement with full unused movepoints then it will complete part of it if you interrupt the improvement next turn, otherwise if you cancel/interrupt improvement there will be NO WORK DONE to that hex.
0.5.5 Unwanted improvements behavior fixed, - interrupting improvements cancels 1 turn of their completion if settlers had no moves left when he started building improvement. 
Castle improvement is now built same way as roads, irrigation and mines, takes 3 turns to complete, costs 0 gold. Bug fixed: units didnt see surroundings on disembark from ship, they were keeping old ship vision. Bug fixed: AI ranged attacks happen on lowest health unit first. Objectives show new AI income settings.
0.5.4 Slightly improved AI. Some minor bugs fixed. New default options for AI extra income, more logical, with ability to make adjustments.
0.5.3 Slightly improved AI. New right click option to disallow units to turn into ships when they move into water. Bug fixed: interrupting building roads could cause bug with roads completing on other hex together with irrigation or mines even though you never started building roads there.
0.5.2 Added mirror Random maps for 2 players duel 1v1 (enable it in hosting options). 
Bug fixed: city was requiring same amount of growth to grow after capturing (reported by mmmax). 
Included link of research tree by Toti83 in objectives. 
Some default settings changed, some other minor changes or bug fixes possible. Light Bowman looking like Bowman bug fixed. Some Viking Europe bug fixed.
0.5.1 Light Bowman added between archer and bowman. Medium bow will require researching bronze too. AI characters will have maximum of 60% bows in their recruits (looks like 100% is a bad idea for AI). New experimental Viking Europe scenario added for fun, idea by Darkhorse, slightly perverted by me, later will include complete Darkhorse map when he is finished improving it.
0.5.0 Sleep healing, ambush healing and fortify healing will give 20% hitpoints increase instead of 8 hitpoints. Villages will still only heal 8 so to benefit from extra healing need to put unit to sleep (which only provides healing if no enemies adjacent and if unit hasnt moved this turn). Total will still be limited to 20%, even when sleep is used together with village healing.
0.4.1 Bug fixed: could build neverending amount of same buildings in same city if chosen not to go to city when its complete. 
0.4.0 When settlers or building is produced, or city gain population there will be an option to go inside the city. Replays from server now wont have any messages appearing every turn and ranged attacks will be dehighlighted after use, so watching replays should be much more enjoyable now. 
0.3.0 Roads near cities give +1 trade, takes 2 turns to construct. Labels with info on what irrigation, mine and road gives. Bug fixed: improvements completed when city is already destroyed could lead to unpredictable bugs. Mines need 2 turns instead of 3 to complete.
0.2.1 Bug fixed: unit and construction production selection was showing more turns to produce than what was really needed. 
Bug fixed: tavern was giving 2 production, but was supposed to be growth. 
Bug fixed: upgraded unit can not attack same turn after upgrade.
Description fixed: heavy infantry are not stone age but rather Renaissance.
0.2.0 Settlers can now do irrigation and mines. Constructions give more bonuses and are quicker to produce.
0.1.0 Building constructions is now possible inside cities. Peasants were removed, settlers will have their functions (plus irrigation and mines in later versions, currently not available). Technology tree was adjusted accordingly, very few base income techs left, players supposed to get income from constructions and from growing their cities. It should work fine but I wouldnt be suprized if there are lots of bugs. Sorry. Made AI potentially smarter for ranged attacks. Added options for random start positions with specified distance. Added scores for most productive empire.
Castle gives 80% defense instead of 70% (never seen castle built anyway, so will test if anyone ever does it). Advanced menu can be used while not your turn, with some more features like show hex bonuses and droid undroid computer sides for host control. Different way of calculating army experience score bug fixed. Computer players have real life historical leader names for more fun... Added options to automatically droid players who's king dies (default), alternatively a player can continue playing without king or last option is to revive the king with 1hp in one of remaining cities. Different way of calculating army experience score (bugged). Bug fixed: research was saying spare science gold returned back, but was not showing amount.
Bug fixed: king name stays the same after upgrade of era and king. AI randomly gets research character in beginning of game, he may spend extra gold on units or all on research, or a mix.. Tested on 30 extra gold, 25 turns, was fine, AI was losing, later AI might become too powerful if on full research but need testing.
Kings damage reduced starting from first upgrade. They strong enough since they tend to level more than other units. RANGED UNITS ARE NOW WEAKER! Balance was tested with basic units, for example 8 slingers can still beat 8 clubman if they attack first. 
AI doesnt spend gold to buy production if 1 turn left to complete. AI ships will attack enemy ships better. Optimised the AI speed of thinking how to move ranged units. Lua error fixed, the problem was when one of leaders was dead, was showing error in line 7 and it was all about removing fog around villages of dead side. Critical bug fixed in AI character behavior. Important AI behavior with recruiting ships fixed too. Whole update is about a lot of AI bahavior improvement. Production Menu was showing wrong information, it was showing unit production progress instead of city growth progress. Colors fixed for city labels for unusual colors like sand, forest, pink, gold etc.. Bug Fixed allowing enemies to unload ships with right-click. Bug Fixed units could heal sleep after moved or attacked.
Bug Fixed showing neutral villages unfogged to all sides.
Bug Fixed showing hex info labels to not show on off map border tiles like x=0 etc.. Fixed permanent labels being removed by own settlers deselection. Added players scores for most experienced military. Fixed lua error appearing when trying to build village too close to other village. New just constructed ships will try to appear inside village first, if it is occupied then they will appear on adjacent unoccupied water and if its all occupied, then wherever else possible. New menu to delete bugged resource labels with right click menu. Some minor AI settlers behavior bug fixed. Units complete message, not visible to observers. Some unnoticable for players optimization code changes. Production menu is more advanced now, it shows instant complete price and growth city progress. Ships transporting units can now disembark units on water adjacent to land to perform marine attacks. Land units in water will lose all resistances against ships and will become vulnerable. Ships inside village lose all their resistance against land units. Ships inside village heal 10 hp and they can not sleep or full heal so its more or less the only way to heal them apart from resting 2 hp. Bug fixed: can name villages now, it will work. Added Manage Production menu, where you can control production of all villages from 1 menu. Some bugs fixed: King unit keeps name, all damage and hitpoints bonuses after upgrade of era, and if he was inside ship then he remains inside ship. Also minor Bugs fixed with village labels, with hex information labels. If side has no gold then villages production is stopped. Possibly other minor changes or bug fixes that I dont remember. Castles give 70% defense to non mounted units. Scores improved a bit. Graphical bugs for unit moves costs fixed.. Maybe something else I forgot to mention. Transport ships dont have zone of control. When you turn into transport you lose all moves. Some scores changes. Some bugs fixed: ships dont reveal boarded units for enemies. Upgrading units costs 7x times more than before and they will lose moves after upgrade. Income is more correct and now villages dont support any free units. Some other things fixed possibly I dont remember what it was.
0.0.2 There are now 2 separate ship types, warships and transport. Transport ships work like previously in Q Civ, units that move on water become ships, but now with less hitpoints and no attacks.
Warships can attack and level up, but can only be produced inside villages adjacent to water, like normal units. AI is quite stupid with ships production for now. Fixed labels for real world maps..
Any player please help and report bugs that you will find during your game to forum:
Please specify that report or idea is for Half Civ, because forum above is for Q Civ, but I will share them both there for now..



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