Golden Age of Kylandra







A carefully balanced MP Era designed to enhance the default experience with new units and abilities.

The Golden Age of Kylandra includes 10 new fully balanced factions with new units and abilities along with 9 other 'just for fun' factions to be used in SP or MP games.  With dozens, possibly hundreds of new units and multiple new, unique abilities, the Golden Age of Kylandra offers an expanded and balanced experience of the default game.  The models have been carefully selected and created to blend seamlessly with the default artwork and the abilities have also been designed with balance in mind; the 10 core factions in the Golden Age of Kylandra are all balanced against each other and the default factions.

Version is a finished and playable version, with no major additions planned or known bugs.  Minor updates may be made, with additional minor factions and possibly some sound and unit model tweaks.

Some minor text entries and macro ordering have been updated since 1.0.0, just to ensure everything loads in the right order and for user clarity.



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