Four Kingdoms




Scenario (Multiplayer)




An epic war of four factions. One player, three computer leaders (or multiplayer, any configuration). 70 villages, recruitable taverns, villages (see below), working farmers, new / additional features of castle keeps, random monsters.
New farmlands can be created that bring a significant income.
At merchants in the cities are available weapons, armors and magic items for your army!

-UNIQUE- features of the add-on:
The first ever 'Battle for Wesnoth' interior system!
- Faction gold displayed at the top of the screen is now available in the castle chest.
A system of equipment, containers and items was developed.
Villages income varies depending on population level.
A system for training units in the castle was developed!

Available time of day: 1/6 and 1/24.

Recruitable locations:
Dwarven Village, Drake Village, Elven Village, Merfolk Village, Nagas and Saurians Village.
The following units can be recruited in taverns:
Elder Mage, Royal Warrior, Vampire Lady, Huntsman,
Ranger, Highwayman, Ancient Lich and other units...


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