Everfell Era






Kiech, developed by Atreides.


Introducing the Everfell and Werewolfpelt factions for MP; heavy emphasis on magic users with split Everfell male/female growth for variety, and a bulk of the melee forces as werewolves. Werewolfpelts are staunch opponents of the Everfell, donning werewolf fur and allied with faeries and wolves. Comes packed with default+Khalifate eras. See changelog and faction unit reference list!

For any comments, questions or such, post on the Everfell & Werewolfpelt Faction thread or PM Atreides on the forums. Thanks!

As of 3.0.0 now fully balanced (all levels) against the default faction. Every unit has had its cost and XP adjusted. Races have had their traits adjusted.
Both the standard as well as heroes era can be considered as balanced as the mainlines and Lonely Era are.

If both Everfell and Lonely Era are installed the two can be combined into one era with up to 16 factions.



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