Elvish Incursion: A prologue








Far to the south of Wesnoth, the lone survivor of a brutal raid struggles to survive long enough to exact revenge.

This is a short little prelude to my main campaign which I hope is coming soon. 

This campaign has RPG elements, with tweaked heroes and a custom AMLA. You do not often have any extra troops.
It is mostly character/plot-driven (the plot needs work), but I tried to make each individual scenario as interesting gameplay-wise as possible as well. This is my best attempt.

If you have anything worth mentioning (whether it be bugs or suggestions), please share on the forums.
(Pretty much complete, though it has slight balance errors still. If you spot errors, please report them. Any feedback at all will be recieved gratefully.)

Mostly minor tweaks to dialogue.
Survivability for low-level characters has been increased just slightly by increasing their hitpoints by 5.
Scenario 7 was made considerably harder, adding level 2 recruits for the dragon and making him less suicidal (hopefully). Has not been tested on easy or hard levels. Further testing will take place as time allows.
Again, changes have been made to scenario 1. If you still experience frustration when playing this scenario, please let me know on the forums. Your feedback is the only thing bringing be back to (try to) make improvements.
Adjusted Scenario 1's balance: Made it easier, as it had always been one of the hardest scenarios.
Tweaked starting position in Scenario 4, and a bit of dialogue. Again, to accomodate different strategies.
Adjusted Scenario 1's balance. May still be a bit unbalanced.
Changed some dialogue in Scenario 4, to accomadate different strategies.
Added an Unclear Fog macro for Scenario 1.



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