Rebels Tweaks: Elvish Magicians




Multiplayer Modification


Eagle 11


This mod contains few options that do something related to Elvish magic-user units when checked on, here is a listing of contained options.

- Arcane Shields: Elvish Sorceress, Elvish Enchantress, Elvish Sylph, Elvish Lord, Elvish High Lord(and Elvish Overlord if you have it) gain 'arcane shield' ability. Arcane shield absorbs damage equal to the unit's level, how it really functions is unit heals for amount equal to its level after suffering damage.
- Enchanting mechanic: Elvish Enchantress(Mermaid Enchantress too) and Elvish Sylph(Mermaid Siren too) gain 'enchants' ability. Units adjacent to an unit with 'enchants' ability will gain 'enchanted' weapon-special on their melee attacks until the end of turn, 'enchanted' weapon-special ensures they have atleast 50% chance to hit. This does not function for units which already had an chance to hit modifying special on their melee attacks(magical, marksman, etc.). Elvish and Mermaid Enchantress gain this special on their melee attack(inherent).
- Treewalking: Elvish Shyde gains 'treewalk' ability, allowing her to teleport between any two great tree tiles on the map.



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