Dungeons of Wesnoth


0.61 Beta




Heindal aka Mathias Lang


A heavily wounded lich discovers the magic to build an own dungeon lair and different dungeons rooms which will allow him to call new units, to place traps and to research spells. His new opponent is a overmotivated paladin, who can build a village with different buildings which will unlock new units and abilities. Guide them on their way. This is Parody Dungeon Defence Game, in the style of Dungeon Keeper and preform of a multiplayer campaign. This is a very fast paced campaign, and needs some balancing as well as overwork of techtrees and buildingtrees. 4 Scenarios.

0.6 - added two, :p, new dungeon levels and a little bit of storyline, as well as some fixes and funny descriptions.
0.61 - added some options, when you jump to a new level, added cheat mode and additional dialogues, design improvements



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