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Dovolente, updated by Atreides


A variety of multiplayer scenarios, including survival scenarios such as the original Orocia and Deep Shrine, and MP mods such as the XP era (buy stats for XP), Shops era (buy enhancements at keeps) and Settlers era.

Ported from 1.11 to 1.14/16.

Other maps are:
2p Despair - Two team mates must hold off two bigger computer sides coming from all sides
2p Elf Chess - Elves as Chess pieces only 2 moves per turn
3p Cut Throat - Three competitors must survive computer enemies while also fighting (or temporarily co-operating with) the others
3p Erdynok - Under construction (but kinda playable), it was supposed to be a survival where a gold filled cart must be escorted through the mines but currently the cart doesn't exist yet
6p Rumble 3D - A vicious brawl on a small map with 3 levels and extra computer attackers thrown in

There is also a Drops mod era which causes killed enemies to drop a weapon.



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