Distant Memory








The Fourth Part of the Hearts of the North series

After the end of a long period of time known on the far north as the era of Uncertainty, a quiet time ensued. The Orcs, after defeating the last great horde, began to slowly withdraw from their militant lifestyle, and one day, when after enormous riots among their race, Dakran Tar seized power, then the orcs made a pact with the Northern Alliance led by Avalion the king of the North mountains which led to the age of peace. The lands of the North began to revive again, and the memory after the war was blurred, all races began to create a common culture, and the alliance was the greatest force amassing the strength of all the most powerful beings. However even in this beautiful period of time a turning point was to come. A new memory, a distant memory, was to arise ... 9 scenarios (COMPLETE)

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