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This Modification allows you to apply different luck system to the game. 
Annoyed with luck? Never lucky? Try this.. 1% luck 99% skill
Recent updates: 
- Added options for wounded units to do less strikes. Now you may use 2 different mods in this one. Or both of them together maybe.
- Removed strange numbers near attacks, so it looks better.
- Added floating labels of total damage (not always work).
- Bug Fixed: removed anomalies where in some cases units were getting strange attacks like 4-0 or decreased base damage.. It's possibly totaly bug free now.
- Added purple floating text for total damage inflicted (Will make it optional in next versions).
- Bug Fixed: leveled units also now get different luck.
PS. Will not work for survival maps yet, ai spawned units will have regular wesnoth luck.

There may be bugs somewhere, please private message enclave on forum if you find any. Especially if you know when bug happened, what exactly was done and could have caused it. Also post your requests for possible options that could be included with this mod or any other comments very welcome.
In future I plan to add more different luck systems optional.. But for now there is only 1 type. Try it!



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