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Diamond Map Pack 6th version including 26 multiplayer maps.

Note: In accordance with the recommendation of Wesnoth moderators, the version numbering of the addon was changed. Please try to remove the addon and re-install if having trouble with updating to the latest release.

This addon includes maps with different status of advancement. Some of them are under development, probably requiring further modifications and testing for a good result. Complete maps are in a final state. Of course, some minor adjustments might be done on them as well. Several experimental maps and drafts are also included. These cannot be accessed from the multiplay map-list selection, but from the addon's filesystem directory: {WesnothAddonDirectory}/Diamond_Map_Pack/maps.

Most of the included maps are plain Wesnoth maps, others have an alternative gameplay manipulated by WML scripting. Plain maps should favour the original game rules and ensure balance between the factions associated with the Default era and Age of Heroes era.

Some of the addon's maps were inspired by other peoples work. These people deserve credit for the genuine concept. In such cases acknowledgement is included in the map description.

Previous versions of a certain map are included, map changes can be examined. Also there is a changelog published below.

Constructive criticism is always welcome. In fact, many modifications are already done by considering other players opinion.

Out of the addon's maps, Diamond Island was the first acknowledged by other players. So the name of the addon become Diamond Map Pack.

Alternative game play Maps
2p — Looting					45x35 70xp 26⌂ v3 1v1

Fungame Maps
2p — Fire and Ice				39x18 70xp 10⌂ v1 1v1
2p — Mudcrawlers				35x31 70xp 14⌂ 1v1 1&1
4p — Battle of the Titans			37x32 70xp 17⌂ v1 1v1 2v2
4p — Wose Grove				29x26 70xp 18⌂ v1 2v2

Standard Maps
2p — Crossing the Frozen R.		33x23 70xp 18⌂ v3 1v1
2p — Desert Island				31x18 70xp 14⌂ v3 1v1
2p — Grey Canyon				40x25 70xp 15⌂ v1 1v1
2p — Headwaters					22x15 70xp 12⌂ v1 1v1
2p — King of the Hill				26x19 70xp 14⌂ v4 1v1
2p — Mountain Clash				40x24 70xp 18⌂ v1 1v1
2p — North Shore				41x19 70xo 19⌂ v1 1v1
2p — River Floodplain			37x17 70xp 12⌂ v1 1v1
2p — The Impassable Jungle		37x26 70xp 14⌂ v2 1v1
4p — Almost like Cynsaun B.		37x32 70xp 26⌂ v3 2v2 based on Cynsaun Battlefiled
4p — Cool Water Province		35x25 70xp 22⌂ v2 1v1 2v2 based on Blue Water Province
4p — Creeks						26x19 70xp 14⌂ v1 2v2
4p — Crossing Bridges			25x17 70xp 16⌂ v2 1v1 2v2
4p — Diamond Island				21x19 70xp 20⌂ v6 2v2
4p — Green Valley				29x22 70xp 14⌂ v3 1v1 2v2
4p — Lakeland					30x24 70xp 14⌂ v1 2v2
4p — Mountain Cross			35x25 70xp 18⌂ v2 2v2
4p — Mountain Pass				39x31 70xp 22⌂ v3 1v1 2v2
4p — Oxbow Lakes				29x21 70xp 24⌂ v1 2v2
4p — Spring Lake				35x29 70xp 20⌂ v1 1v1 2v2
4p — Villeinage					27x27 70xp 26⌂ v1 2v2

Including 4 additional maps:
2p — Headwaters
2p — Mountain Clash
2p — North Shore
4p — Battle of the Titans

Including 4 additional maps:
2p — Grey Canyon
2p — Mudcrawlers
4p — Creeks
4p — Lakeland

Including 2 additional maps:
2p — Looting
2p — River Floodplain

2p — King of the Hill — central village placement changed

Including 2 additional maps:
2p — Fire and Ice
2p — Desert Island

Including 4 additional maps:
2p — King of the Hill
4p — Cool Water Province
4p — Mountain Cross
4p — Villeinage

Initial version including 10 multiplayer maps:
2p — Crossing the Frozen River
2p — The Impassable Jungle
4p — Almost like Cynsaun Battlefield
4p — Crossing Bridges
4p — Diamond Island
4p — Green Valley
4p — Mountain Pass
4p — Oxbow Lakes
4p — Spring Lake
4p — Wose Grove



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