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Bob_The_Mighty & jb, vghetto (SP)


Den of Thieves SP is a singleplayer campaign that takes a totally different approach to Wesnoth gameplay. Here, stealth and evasion count for more than brute strength. Why charge at a guard when you can sneak past, assassinate him from the shadows or simply plant a bomb behind his back? Combat is for losers!

    The campaign takes place across a series of missions which are selected by the player on a world map of Wesnoth. There are four mission types with a variety of unique objectives (loot the chests, rescue the prisoners, blow the bridge!). With a variety of special stealth options and hiding abilities at your disposal, your ragtag team of thieves must take on the combined might of the royal empire. You will be outnumbered and overpowered, but you have the skillz.

This is a fork of 'Den of Thieves' by Bob_The_Mighty & jb.

To play the original multiplayer version with 2 or 3 players, please download their copy instead.
Den of Thieves SP is Single Player variation. It should be started from the 'Campaigns' button found at the main screen, and not from the Multiplayer setup screens.



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