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Eagle 11


An era featuring an additional faction besides the six factions from Default Era. Islanders are fanatical humans devoted to the light, whom all went to reconquer Green Isle.

This era is still under development, so please be sure to report any problems that arise.
Update 1.0.1: Repaired 'Resolve' ability. Holy Spirit was not dying after attack, fixed.
Update 1.0.3: They can now recruit Wose Sapling instead of Wose. description of medic and zealous traits fixed.
Update 1.0.4: Added new advancements Battle Monk for Cleric, Avenger for Vindicator and Quester for Sentinel unit-lines. Added an new Zealot unit-line to their unit line-up.
Update 1.0.5: XP to level and hitpoint adjustments for low levels, tweaked Battle Monk resistances so it can actually die instead soloing whole armies (lol), nerfed 'Resolve' to not take effect when the unit is poisoned and half amount(equal to unit's level instead two times) when slowed.



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