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This is a modification of Gwledigs Conquest Original Gameplay.
The Changelog:
(17-11-2019 v1.9.4.1)
- Bug fixed. Boats were unable to be recruited with different type of shallow waters or fords nearby. Now you are able to recruit boats near any water.
(17-11-2019 v1.9.4)
- Added random maps generator with 4 different sizes. You can customize size in Settings where you normally regenerate map and it should work, but I have not tested it.
(10-11-2019 v1.9.3.3)
- AI will recruit ships sometimes too, but yet cannot board them. 
(9-11-2019 v1.9.3.2) 
- AI can recruit up to 25g human units.
- AI will attack enemies adjacent to new recruits if they are likely killable.
- AI recruits will be animated and focused on.
(5-11-2019 v1.9.3.1) 
- Removed turn limit option in start of game. I dont see point, we all use unlimited always.. waste of time to have this option.
- AI recruitments will leave 1 stronger unit inside village.
(3-11-2019 v1.9.3)
- AI recruits appear in normal places, not on stupid water hexes etc.
- Jelwan map fixed for bugs.
- Base income bonus bug fixed. Previously when ships were capturing cities by unboarding units the base income was not updating.
- Added option to adjust AI extra starting gold (Default 0)
- Added option to adjust AI extra per turn income (Default 0)
- Some AI recruitment pattern bugs fixed.
- First turn AI recruits bugs fixed. Previously AI would rarely recruit on turn 1 and error message would also appear.
- AI will spend most or all leftover gold.
(27-10-2019 v1.9.2.2)
- AI a bit smarter to capture enemy empty villages. 
(27-10-2019 v1.9.2.1)
- Swapped capitol with all village mode (renamed standard into all village as well) and made capitol a default choice on start of game.
(27-10-2019 v1.9.2)
- Added experimental AI but only for human recruits, therefore only Europe, Crusades and Wales maps. The AI will control enemy's properly droided sides or computer controlled sides. It does not cheat to the best of my knowledge, but it is bugged in a way that units appear on water around villages etc. The AI is very stupid, but I still had medium-hard time fighting it in Europe FFA with me and 5 AIs. In 1v1 AI does not stand a chance, it can not build ships, etc, but it will be improved in future and bugs fixed and more maps added to support AI.. AI will become more intelligent in later updates, although it wont let you kill itself easily in its current state either.
(26-10-2019 v1.9.1) 
- Bug fixed: Changed 15g merman unit attack from pierce to blade. Thanks Spieler.
- All assassins will deal extra damage to all type of 25 gold generals and warships.
(11-08-2019 v1.9)
- Added Crusades, Lotrando, Gagarna and Jelwan maps (last one gives an error related to region names, need to fix & investigate, not sure if affects anything, either bonuses will be broken or most likely just region names cut in half) 
- Fixed Miedzyrzec typo on Poland map into Miedzyrzecz as advised by Elder.
(11-08-2019 v1.8)
- Fixed neutrals spawn bug on turn 2.
- Added option for neutrals to get stronger every X turns.
(11-08-2019 v1.7)
- Added options to show village labels in fog or not.
- Fixed fog clearer bug for REALM and STANDARD game modes.
- Added tools to convert c- maps with less effort.
- Added Poland map.
(03-08-2019 v1.6)
- Added droid menu to be able to droid sides properly. You will no longer have to see other sides when their previous owners die or leave game. 
To use just right click on your king. But make sure you specify your nickname in host settings or it will not work.
(03-08-2019 v1.5)
- Increased speed of distance to enemy function by removing capture event from it.
- Added visual graphics for sides bonuses when you mouse over on flag in top left corner.
- Modified the code of map bonuses, now we can easier transfer c- maps into c*
- Fixed spearman pierce bug which I accidently created myself before.
- Fixed the scatter fog clearers, now they will for sure occupy every empty village and it is also much faster.
(02-08-2019 v1.4)
- Distance to enemy should work now. It is slow for now, it is ugly, but it seems functional.. 
(01-08-2019 v1.3)
- Added Wesnoth map.
- Ships image shows units loaded inside which enemies can not see.
- Can load unit inside ship even when ship has no moves left.
(01-08-2019 v1.2)
- Added Dwarfs neutral spawns (2g and 4g) and included into c- theme.
- Added 3 more options of C- easy, C- medium, C- hard neutral spawns themes.
- Moved workers to the end of recruit list.
(31-07-2019 v1.1)
- Modified Europe Map to work based on C* rules.
(30-07-2019 v1.0)
- Modified Wales Map to work based on C* rules.
- Neutrals are white color instead of orange.
- Unboarding and recruiting refreshes the fog.
- Added 4 Options of AI spawns on turn 2: 
	a) random neutrals like in C- (1g/3g/5g)
	b) all 1g like C original 
	c) 2 of my own modifications (1-15g)
	(Can switch theme in hosting settings).
- Fixed magenta color and fog clearer units..
- Other minor unnoticable bug fixes.
- Removed giant text spam that blocked seeing recruit list for ships and units.



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