Scenario (Multiplayer)


Frezycus, Norbert, Shiki, others


Several gladiators fight together and try to defeat all enemies in an arena, in order to be freed from captivity.

This add-on contains both the 3 player and 6 player version.

The code in this add-on is structured in a way that one can easily create other Colosseum style scenarios with it – either variating the known map or with a completely different one. A 4p colosseum, on a different map with players not spawning together and having multiple shops? Spawning enemies for multiple AI sides, of which some might be allied with you? Or a reimplementation of AE Colosseum? It’s all possible if you build it – the tools are here.


Difficulty adjustment of the 3 player variant:
Gold is deducted during each players (and the AI’s) turn. As there are less players on the 3p variant, it has historically been easier than the 6p variant. Now twice as much gold is deducted; 4g on average, 2g on the easier difficulties.
Gold is also not anymore deducted twice during the AIs turn, resulting in the same setup as the original 6p variant. While the 6p variant is now theoretically slightly easier, in practice it’s not due to higher chance that one of the six players has bad luck in his lane.
TD;DR: »3p Amateur« difficulty has the same gold deduction as former »3p Average« difficulty.

Note about feeding:
Basically 1 hp is worthy 1 gold. Feeding +1 costs 25g, +2 45g and +3 65g. You need to kill 25 / 23 / 22 units to reach the break-even-point, which is likely at the beginning of wave 7. Feeding works not (anymore) on unplaguable units, such as undead and the mudcrawler. All in all, there are 31 plaguable units before the final wave starts — resulting in a payoff of 6-28 additional hp, assuming you started at round 1.
On the other hand, if you bought too less damage or strikes and thus an additional round is needed to finish the wave, the gold is deducted by 14-16g (on average difficulty), for each player, resulting in the team having a loss of 48 (3p) or 84 (6p) gold.

Note about healing:
As one goes different paths to fight, it is usually not useful. The last wave is an exception, as one has no time pressure to finish it. Buying healing in the last wave pays off as soon as you heal an ally twice.



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