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Part I : The Fields of Blood
A wind of Ice has come from the Hearth Mountains changing North Wesnoth in an icecold desert. The kingdom no longer exists and life reorganizes itself around smaller communities. But those small villages find themselves faced with a new threath: a horrific army composed of various artificially created monsters starts raiding the land in search of flesh for the enigmatic Chyrospital.
Lead Aegir, a lone dwarf who finds himself in charge of the refugees. Seek help from various allies, travel through the remains of the Wesnoth Kingdom and face a completely new foe. 
(Intermediate level, 10 scenarios + 1 dialogue)

Part II : The Sands of Revenge
War and deceit has thinned the numbers of Aegir's army, but it has hardenned the survivors even more! Soon the flight will end, help will come from the south and the free people of Wesnoth will have revenge !
(Intermediate level, 4 scenarios (incomplete))

Having played A Tale of Two Brothers will give the storyline more depht but is not required. Uses the 1.14 version of Wesnoth so will probably be buggy on older versions.

Note: This campaign features a completely new faction against which you will fight most of the time. Designed for those who have enough of fighting hordes of orcs or undead (you won't find any). I'm not an artist so the artwork might not be splendid. Im working to improve it. Soft difficulty should fit novicer players, while challenging is really meant for players who have played Wesnoth a lot. I'm working on Part II right now. Thanks for any feedback whether related to story, typo, art or balance !



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