Beyond Southern Hells






StDrake and others, developed by Atreides.


Far south beyond the wesnothian gaze thrive civilizations unheard of. Will you seek allies among them... or throw them a challenge of your own?
Multiplayer era combining some unique lonely factions and filling the holes with default ones. Be sure to visit the wesnothian forums and let us know what you think of it.
Faction authors so far: StDrake, Rozard, Ceres, Reepurr (faction in development phase)

Updated from Wesnoth 1.10 to 1.14/16 by Atreides.

There are 4 main factions: Felinians (Very Funny Cats who like heavy artillery), Dark Empire (A mean bunch with delusions of Empire & a desire to hunt witches), A.N.O. (Cloaked mysterious mages who all vanish at night & have the unsettling tendency to turn into mutants) and the Sandfolk (A simple desert folk).

There are also 4 somewhat unfinished (I've finished them up a fair bit - let's say they're under construction now) factions that one can try out: Dragservion (Dragons and their followers who gain special abilties next to their leaders), The Wretched (Entities from the void that can pass through walls & have bizarre ultra berserk units with 1 hp), Eregath (A different desert folk who wrap themselves mummylike and can control the sand via magic) and the Kerlathi Dwarves (A southern branch of Dwarvenkind with a nutso ranged berserker & the ability to dig trenches).



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