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Follow the story of Krux, an evil nobleman's son. He is a nice guy, but he is not a good guy. He hates killing (dead men are bad servants), high taxes (poor men die easily and pay no taxes then) and injustice (as long as it has not concern himself or his allies). He works for his family, a deceitful and fraudulent noble house, fighting bandits (who are actually resistance), cruel despots (who are actually nobles who oppose him), false conspiracy stories (that contain too much truth) and prefers to have his enemies survive the combat (for slave work).

Consists of 9 classical scenarios and a free roam mode where 12 quests have to be completed. Experimentally changed the role of recalls (received through story), separating them from the usual recruits (that cannot be recalled), giving them an RPG-like progression. Uses Legend of the Invincibles as resources and will not run without having it installed (minimal version is 3.1.14, otherwise it will not run). The campaign is a prequel to Legend of the Invincibles, but the order in which they are played does not really matter.



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