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Multiplayer Modification




Last Wesnoth version tested compatibility : 1.14.9

A collection of the most-requested options to make the mechanics more realistic and tactic, for people curious to experiment a new gameplay.
It changes the combat approach, making it easier for good tacticians, harder for the others.
All theses features works for mainline Campaigns & Scenarios, Single or Multiplayer, for all sides (including AI)
It also includes some options to give interest to level-up units after max advancement.

The features which keep the Campaigns balanced are enabled by default. The others features are more aimed for PvP multiplayer, or being played on campaign in a lesser difficulty.

Features (theycan be enabled/disabled individually) :

- No Random Combats : attacks never miss, terrain bonus is instead used as damage reducer.

- Increased Damage : To compensate the high terrains defenses. Only applies for 'No Random Combats'.

- Squad Mode (HP-related strikes) : Units lacking lot of HP do proportionally less attack strikes (or less damage for single-strike attacks). Swarm is a worse ratio (-1 strike if you miss just 1 HP), but native, so considered by AI. In both cases, minimum strikes will be 1, and will not apply for berserk.

- Level-Up : Relative Healing : When an unit advance a level, instead of a full healing and being cured, it keep the missing HP, but statuses are cured. The special case when post-advancement Max-HP is smaller than pre-advanced is also handled.

- Level-Up : Random Bonuses After Max Level Advancement : Units already AMLA (purple XP bar) gain an extra random ability or increased stat each time they level-up again.

- Level-Up : Promoted Leaders After Max Level Advancement : Post-level 3 standard units reaching their first AMLA level-up will be able to recruit the same units as the original leader, recall, and be prefixed 'Chief' with a bronze crown icon (keeping the Loyal icon in case). Excluded for special Heroes.

-  *Updated* Epic Heroes : The Leaders and Heroes (gold & silver crowns) gain an increase of 20% of their attributes and a small regeneration ability, making them harder to kill. Excluded for Promoted Leaders.

-  Learning from battlefield (Passive XP) : Extra XP for all units each turn (except for the ones not recalled).

-  Learning from healing (Max XP/turn for Healing) : Each turn, Healers will earn 1 XP for each adjacent wounded (but not-poisoned) ally, but you can limit the max/turn.

-  *Updated* Berserk tweak - Fury + Drain : Replace 'berserk' by a new 'Fury' weapon special, way more interesting.  A warcry related to the fury level with also be displayed.

-  *Updated* Ambushed tweak - Surprise Attacks : An ambush will trigger a quick combat in which the ambushed unit can't counter-attack. Awesome combined with NINJA WARS!

-  *NEW* Ninja Wars (Stealthy units) : Most of units will melee back-stabs, poison arrows, distract from ZoC, be faster and invisible/ambushers in villages, forests, deep water, or everywhere at night. For funny PvP with fog-of-war focused on ambushes / hide&seek.

- *NEW* Level-Up After Max Level Advancement : Increase Level Number (The unit level will continue growing with the AMLA level-ups)

- Also includes a PvPvE scenario : '4p - Ruvaak Mirage Atoll' optimized to be combined with all features.

Feel free to contribute !
If you experiment a bug, please report it to me on the forum, then try to disable the feature (see next section).

Recent changes
- See details on
- : Damage table when depending of terrain (No Random Combats), hit chance on special attack (magic etc) will be the minimum and not the absolute
- : Fixed some minor issues related with features RandomCombats / Squad Mode
- : improved disable/enable mods in game, others small fixes/balancing.

How To Enable/Disable Mod Options during a Scenario/Campaign

Before starting a campaign or a scenario, you can choose which features to enable.
But if you want to change a features during a game, you will have to do it with the console.
When you disable an option, *MOST* of the changes made on units by the features are removed. But it's experimental.

1) During a game, type (except if you launched the game with --debug argument) : 
2) Then open Lua Console(default : `, but you can see it in Menu > Settings > Shortcuts > Display lua console)
3) Copy/paste/execute one of the following lines related to mod features. 
    - Change the number in parentheses : 0 (zero) means disabled, 1 enabled.
    - When specified, you can replace it by another number. (like in feature 02, 04, 05, 08...)
    - Most of the changes will be operational immediately, or next turn, or next scenario. But units already modified will keep theirs changes.
The commands to edit each feature and remove/re-enable changes on units :

aww_status.update_feature_01(0) -- NoRandomCombats
aww_status.update_feature_02(0) -- Squad Mode 1 = custom, 2 = swarm
aww_status.update_feature_03(0) -- L-Up AMLA Promoted Leader
aww_status.update_feature_04(0) -- passive xp, 0 to 6
aww_status.update_feature_05(0) -- healing xp 0 to 6
aww_status.update_feature_06(0) -- L-Up  relative healing
aww_status.update_feature_07(0) -- verbose
aww_status.update_feature_08(0) -- NoRandomCombats Damages Adjustment, to -20 to 40
aww_status.update_feature_09(0) -- AMLA Random Bonuses
aww_status.update_feature_10(0) -- Epic Leaders
aww_status.update_feature_11(0) -- Ninja Wars
aww_status.update_feature_12(0) -- Berserk tweak
aww_status.update_feature_13(0) -- Ambush tweak
aww_status.update_feature_14(0) -- L-Up Notif
aww_status.update_feature_15(0) -- L-Up AMLA number

If you want to display all currently enabled features (and the associated number), copy/paste/execute this line the lua console :



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