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Last Wesnoth version tested compatibility : 1.14.14

A collection of the most-requested options to make the mechanics more realistic and tactic, for people curious to experiment a new gameplay.
It changes the combat approach, making it easier for good tacticians, harder for the others.
All theses features works for mainline Campaigns & Scenarios, Single or Multiplayer, for all sides (including AI)
It also includes some options to give interest to level-up units after max advancement.

The features which keep the Campaigns kinda balanced are enabled by default. The others features are more aimed for PvP multiplayer, or being played on campaign in a lesser difficulty.

Features (can be enabled/disabled individually) :

- No Random Combats : attacks never miss, terrain bonus is instead used as damage reducer.

- Increased Damage : To compensate the high terrains defenses. Only applies for 'No Random Combats'.

- Squad Mode (HP-related strikes) : Units lacking lot of HP do proportionally less attack strikes (or less damage for single-strike attacks). Swarm is a worse ratio (-1 strike if you miss just 1 HP), than native, but taken in account by AI. In both cases, minimum strikes will be 1, and will not apply for berserk.

- Level-Up : Relative Healing : When an unit advance a level, instead of a full healing and being cured, it keep the missing HP, but statuses are cured. The special case when post-advancement Max-HP is smaller than pre-advanced is also handled.

- Level-Up : Random Bonuses After Max Level Advancement : Units already AMLA (purple XP bar) gain an extra random ability or increased stat each time they level-up again.

- Level-Up : Promoted Leaders After Max Level Advancement : Post-level 3 standard units reaching their first AMLA level-up will be able to recruit the same units as the original leader, recall, and be prefixed 'Chief' with a bronze crown icon (keeping the Loyal icon in case). Excluded for special Heroes.

-  *Updated* Epic Heroes : The Leaders and Heroes (gold & silver crowns) gain an increase of 20% of their attributes and a small regeneration ability, making them harder to kill. Excluded for Promoted Leaders.

-  Learning from battlefield (Passive XP) : Extra XP for all units each turn (except for the ones not recalled).

-  Learning from healing (Max XP/turn for Healing) : Each turn, Healers will earn 1 XP for each adjacent wounded (but not-poisoned) ally, but you can limit the max/turn.

-  *Updated* Berserk tweak - Fury + Drain : Replace 'berserk' by a new 'Fury' weapon special, way more interesting.  A warcry related to the fury level with also be displayed.

-  *Updated* Ambushed tweak - Surprise Attacks : An ambush will trigger a quick combat in which the ambushed unit can't counter-attack. Awesome combined with NINJA WARS!

-  *NEW* Ninja Wars (Stealthy units) : Most of units will melee back-stabs, poison arrows, distract from ZoC, be faster and invisible/ambushers in villages, forests, deep water, or everywhere at night. For funny PvP with fog-of-war focused on ambushes / hide&seek.

- *NEW* Level-Up After Max Level Advancement : Increase Level Number (The unit level will continue growing with the AMLA level-ups)

- Also includes a PvPvE scenario : '4p - Ruvaak Mirage Atoll' optimized to be combined with all features.

Feel free to contribute !
If you experiment a bug, please report it to me on the forum, then try to disable the feature (see next section).

Recent changes
- See details on
- : Damage table when depending of terrain (No Random Combats), hit chance on special attack (magic etc) will be the minimum and not the absolute
- : Fixed some minor issues related with features RandomCombats / Squad Mode
- : improved disable/enable mods in game, others small fixes/balancing.

How To Enable/Disable Mod Options during a Scenario/Campaign

Before starting a campaign or a scenario, you can choose which features to enable.
But if you want to change a features during a game, you will have to do it with the console.
When you disable an option, *MOST* of the changes made on units by the features are removed. But it's experimental.

1) During a game, type (except if you launched the game with --debug argument) : 
2) Then open Lua Console(default : `, but you can see it in Menu > Settings > Shortcuts > Display lua console)
3) Copy/paste/execute one of the following lines related to mod features. 
    - Change the number in parentheses : 0 (zero) means disabled, 1 enabled.
    - When specified, you can replace it by another number. (like in feature 02, 04, 05, 08...)
    - Most of the changes will be operational immediately, or next turn, or next scenario. But units already modified will keep theirs changes.
The commands to edit each feature and remove/re-enable changes on units :

aww_status.update_feature_01(0) -- NoRandomCombats
aww_status.update_feature_02(0) -- Squad Mode 1 = custom, 2 = swarm
aww_status.update_feature_03(0) -- L-Up AMLA Promoted Leader
aww_status.update_feature_04(0) -- passive xp, 0 to 6
aww_status.update_feature_05(0) -- healing xp 0 to 6
aww_status.update_feature_06(0) -- L-Up  relative healing
aww_status.update_feature_07(0) -- verbose
aww_status.update_feature_08(0) -- NoRandomCombats Damages Adjustment, to -20 to 40
aww_status.update_feature_09(0) -- AMLA Random Bonuses
aww_status.update_feature_10(0) -- Epic Leaders
aww_status.update_feature_11(0) -- Ninja Wars
aww_status.update_feature_12(0) -- Berserk tweak
aww_status.update_feature_13(0) -- Ambush tweak
aww_status.update_feature_14(0) -- L-Up Notif
aww_status.update_feature_15(0) -- L-Up AMLA number

If you want to display all currently enabled features (and the associated number), copy/paste/execute this line the lua console :



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