A Neverending Era








44 factions from 7 Eras! All in one! If you like the idea of the Ageless Era then you will like this too.

It works slightly differently from the Ageless though. That Era has copied many great eras into itself while the Neverending Era sets 7 great eras as dependencies. If you didn't already have them it will download them. You don't need to have them all however! If for some reason you prefer to uninstall any of the addons, The Neverending Era will continue to work just fine. Customize it to your hearts content! Even better more eras can be added as I port them (or as others wish to have their era added) to the current Wesnoth.

But wait, there's more! 8-D I've added Dovs Maps and Mods to the Neverending Era also. That means you can choose to play the XP or the Shops mod with all the factions!

Once upon a time there was an Era that was all alone. It was known as the Lonely Era. It was a collection of 6 great factions that had previously been separated. But as time passed more and more eras started to join it. The Everfell Factions. The Age of Trials. The Extended Armies Era. The Era of Second Chances. The Beyond Southern Hells Era. The Werewolf Era. Now they have come together in a glorious union as A Neverending Era.



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