A Magicians Tale








A campaign in which the protagonists are an unlikely group of magicians, of every race, with unusual abilities.
The magicians special skills of the wizards are all activated by opening the item menu (right click on the character's tile).
It is no possible to recruit supporters in the usual way, but they can be choiced, hired, evovek and/or encountered in many different way.
Because the entire campaign is set in winter is used a twelve turns day, with a small prevalence of night turns.
(Medium Difficult, 10 battle scenarios, 5 dialogue and others things scenarios.)

A little note: the author no longer has an account for the wesnoth.org forum, so, if you have something to say about this campaign you can write it in the website page below, but it's better you don't wait for an answer.
Moreover I suggest to evaluate well what you write; if what you write doesn't like or doesn't interest the administrator of the site, the discussion will be locked.

Last note: The author will no longer take care of the maintenance of this campaign.
Who wants to take it in charge can write an email to this address: argesilao2019@yahoo.com
and I will send him the server.pbl file of the campaign; this file, inserted in the campaign folder downloaded here, will allow him to modify the add-ons at will.



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