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The Reign of the Lords is an epic faction which gives you nearly two hundred new 3rd,4th, and 5th level units. Have you ever played a campaign and been overjoyed when your unit finally advanced only to realize it was at its maximum level? Nevermore... This allows the base wesnoth units to advance to 3rd,4th and 5th level Lords in all campaigns. This addon is dependent entirely on the Reign of the Lords addon which MUST be installed as well!

NOTE: DO NOT INSTALL THIS ADD-ON IF YOU INTEND TO PLAY, OR ARE PLAYING LEGEND OF THE INVINCIBLES. This add-on modifies the advancements of many mainline units, therefore it will most likely cause problems when installed with campaigns that have complex macros or campaigns that also modify the mainline advancements. This add-on works for all mainline campaigns, but beware problems may occur with other campaigns. If conflicts arise uninstall this 5 Lords Default Unit Advancement add-on. The Reign of the Lords era alone DOES NOT effect singleplayer at all.



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