Wesnoth 1.14 addons

10 Age's - Story of Your Civilisation 17th Century Eastern Europe at War (EEaW) 18th Century Warfare Era 2p Planewalker Campaign 2p/3p vs Survival 2p/3p vs Survival - WOTG 3p — Dark Forecast (Survival) 3p-7p_The_meteor 4p — Arcanclave Citadel 7 Worlds Survival A Beastly Tale A Few Logs A Fiery Birth (Drake Campaign) A Friendship Tested A Goblin Adventure A Group in a War A Little Adventure A Magicians Tale A Neverending Era A new human era A New Land Era A New Land Hardcore A New Order A Northern Village A Random RPG Adventure A Rough Life A Sanguine Tale A Song of Fire A Song of the Winds A Tale of Two Brothers English Sound Pack A Tale of Two Brothers German Sound Pack A Tale of Two Brothers With a Third Difficulty A Vision Blinded A War Of Life And Death A Whim of Fate Absent Factions Across the Ocean add creature pack Advance on Kill Mod Advance Wesnoth Wars Advanced Order Cancelling Aethaeryn's Maps Aethermaw plus Affably Evil After EI After EI music 1 After EI music 2 After the Storm After the Storm Music Afterlife Random Afterlife survival Age of Lords Age of Tentacles Age of Trials Ageless Era Ageless Resources Ageless Scrolling Survival Ageless Survival Race Ageless World Conquest 2 AI Modification Demos Akladian Music Alariel's Journey Music Alariel's Journey: A Faerie Tale Aldur The Great Alfhelm the Wise Alien Invasion Survival Co-op Alliances Mod Alliances Mod Alternative Ally Village Modification Altera Altered Era/Ruleset Alternate AI Alternate Default Core Alternate Era Amaranthine Stone Amaranthine Stone Music Amateur Tournament Lucky Player AMLA Mod An Independence War An Innocent Man An Orcish Incursion English Sound Pack An Orcish Incursion [+voices] An Undead Incursion Animals Age ANL_2p ANL_3p ANL_3p-fallen Antar, Son of Rheor Anthalia Arabian Nights Archaic Era Archaic Resources Archaic Sounds Architecture Mod Arena Survival ArenaZ Aria of the Dragon-Slayer Armageddon Armies of Amberan Armory Mod Armory Mod Edit For Estorc Mod Around the World Artifact Mod Artifacts RPG Ashen Hearts ASoF Music Assassin in the Forest Assimilation Mod Atrahascross Attack of the Undead Atz' Maps AutoTactics: Wesnoth Autumn Kingdoms - Prologue Bad Moon Rising Battle Against Time Battle for the Rings Era Battle of Kingdoms Battlechest Battleground Europe Battleships Beefy Map Pack (BMP) Berserk limiter Betrayal of Thaeylan Better Names Better Odds Beyond Southern Hells Birth_of_a_Lich Bitter Revenge Black Magic Black Tide MP Faction Black Water Swamp Bland home invasion Blatant robbery Blessed Altar Mod Bloodlegacy BloodLust Bloody Mod Bloody Mode Bob's RPG Era BomSite Maps Bonus Spam BonusTile Brave Wings Burning Souls Campaign Drop Mod Campaign-How-To (A Simple Campaign) Captured by a Nightmare Caria’s Journey Carved in Stone Case of the Missing Scepter Castle of evil spirit Chain Survival Chaoz Battle of the Wizards (Based on Chaos) Chieftain Granak Children of the Dust Chlop Choicerer's Map Randomizer Choose your flag Chyrospitals Circle of Immortalization Cities of the Frontier Clash of Heroes Cleansing the Forest Color Changer Color Mod Colosseum Combat Information Theme Combat Information Theme - ios Combined Mage unit-line tweaks Coming of the Storm Coming of the Storm MUSIC Coming of the Storm TWEAKS Comrades in Arms Conquest (Original gameplay) Conquest* Conquest+ Conquest+ Space/Ranged Corpse Mod Corpse Mod 2 Count Kromire Counter Strike Creep Wars Crin of Crenlyn Crossroads Cursed Era Custom Campaign Danse Macabre Dark Siege Dark Waters Dawn of Thunder Dead Whispers Debug Heal/Harm units Default + Beastmen Default + Eagle 11's version of Dunefolk Default + Goblins Default + Halflings Default + Islanders Default + Nomads Default + Outlaws Default + Saurians Default balance era Default L0 Era Default Plus era - Eagle 11's MP factions combined Default Rats Defense of Elensefar Den of Thieves Den of Thieves SP Descent into Darkness Revised Desert Maps Desert Traders Desert war Deterministic Offense Diamond Map Pack Die Geschichte zweier Brüder [Sprachausgabe] Different Luck Diplomatic Mission Diskman's Fantasy World Distant Memory DM Music Dominus Map Pack Doreldos_Fight_to_Liberty Double HP Dov's deep shrine Dov's Maps 'n Mods Dov's MP Maps Draconian Era Dragon Fight Drake Rescue Dreams of Urduk Droid Menu Droping Weapons Weapon Dunefolk Balanced Dunefolk, Modified Dungeons of Wesnoth Dusan maps Dwarf Dwarfson Dwarvenminer Dwarven Fortress Dwarves Never Get Lost Dwarvish Kingdom Dying Shydes Eagle 11's Mappack Earth and Forest Earth Scenario Eastern Europe Eclectic Era Elvish Dynasty RPG Elvish Incursion: A prologue End of an Era Enemy Growth Mod Enhanced Traits Epic Between the Tides Epic music Epical Era of Creations Era of Empires Era of Four Moons Era of Horrors Era of Legends Era of Lords & Magic Era of Lucien Era of Magic Era of Magic - Resources Era of Maths Era of more units Era of Music Era of Myths Era of Myths + Blood Legacy Era of Myths – Mappack Era of Seafire Era of Second Chances Era of Service Branches Era of the Ravagers Era of War Era of Worms Estorc and the spectral force Estorc the Mod Estorc the Mod Music I Estorc the Mod Music II Eternal Era Everfell Era Evolves Era and Maps Expendable Leaders Expendable Leaders 2 Experimental Dunefolk Balance Mod Exploration of Life and Death Extended Armies Era Extended Era Extra Advancements for Default Era units Extra GE Scenarios Extra Recruit: Dwarvish Rune Adept Extra Recruit: Dwarvish Scout Extra Recruit: Dwarvish Witness Extra Recruit: Elvish Hunter Extra Recruit: Elvish Noble Extra Recruit: Ogre Extra Recruit: Orcish Leader Extra Recruit: Orcish Shaman Extra Recruit: Shambling Thrall Extra Recruit: Skeletal Rider Extra Recruit: Skeleton Spearman Extra Recruit: Thug Extra Recruits for Default Era factions Faction Flags Factions at global war Fairytales of the Empire Fall of the Western Roman Empire Feudal Era Five Fates Flexalex's multiplayer maps Flight to Freedom For Power Forgotten Conflicts Forgotten Legends Forward They Cried Four Kingdoms Free XP Mod From Rocks And Blood Full Music Playlist Fun Future Release Default Era (default-1.16) Galactic Empires Gali's Contract Galuldur's First Journey Gambling Arena Generic Animations Genesis Genesis Resources Ghostly Calls Goblin Football Gobowars Gold Manager Gold per Village (easy handicap) Gold Transfer Mod Golden Age of Kylandra Grafted Era Great Race Great Race AE Great Race AE Great Race Apocalypse Grnk the Mighty Guard Towers Gui Debug Tools Hair to the Throne Half Civ Halfelven Halfelven & Default Era Harap Alb Healer XP Mod Healing Tent Hearts of the North Hearts of the North Music Part One Hearts of the North Music Part Two Heir to the Throne Revised Heroes Heroic Leaders Hills and Kings Hive Mind Home of the Undead Honeycomb Hordes of the Other World Hunted Outlaws Hyperactive Novice Healers Ice Age Fun Image Create Image loading tester Image Overlay Mod Imperial Era In Defence of Gaer Derole Inannas Collection Income Augmented Mod Infantry Wars Era Inky's Quest Interception Into The Underworld Invasion Invasion from the Unknown Invasion from the Unknown Music Invasion of Arendia Invasion of Eliador Invasion of the Undead Invincibles Conquest II Invisible Enemies Irdya Dragon Isar's Campaign Jumping Dwarves Kaboom Kairo Era Katzenspiele Khronos' Caves Kill Bounty Kill Bounty - Fixated Income version Kill the King Kingdom Builder Advanced Kingdom Builder Mod Kingdom Rush Knalgans of Steel Kondziu Maps La couronne de Liest La légende de Dracula Labyrinth Of Champions Ladder Era Ladder Mate Landscapes Music Laterlife Lava Village Lazersquad Based on Laser Squad and Rebelstar Leader Magic Mod Leader of the Drakes Leader Renewal Leader Renewal 2 Leader Renewal 2.0 Legend of the Invincibles Legend of the Invincibles (beta) Legends of Idaamub Legend_of_Far_North Less Random Level 2 Reinforcements - Default Era Level Zero Helper Lich Terror Lich Traits Fix Life of Mechzen Limited Vision Lonely Era LordAwsomeness's RPG Era LordAwsomeness's RPG Era Resources LordAwsomeness's RPG Map Pack LotI Advancements LotI Colosseum LotI RPG Era Lotus Fields Lotus Fields Loyalist Tweaks: Bowman unit-line tweaks. Loyalist Tweaks: Spearman unit-line tweaks Loyalists Tweaks: 'Fire Shield' for Red Mage Loyalists Tweaks: Heavy Infantry unit-line changes Lucas' Underground Map Pack Lucky Sevens LVL Manager Mabee Maps Mage of Runes Make snow themed Malmaison Resources Marauding Thieves Marbus's Escape Melody of Wrath Mercenary Band Mercenary Band Updated Merry Christmas Messenger Mod Middle Encampments Millennium Era Mini Isar Mini Maps Mirror Faction Mirror Schedule Images Mod Amla Plus modified 2p maps modified default era Monkey Hill Island Monsterlife Moonday Era Mountain Witch Move Units Between Campaigns MoW Music Multiplayer Multiplayer Veterans Murky Weathercast Murky Weathercast Fixed Napoleonic Wars Nikitaw99's Maps Nikitaw99's Units Nine Isles No Randomness Mod No Turn Limit Nocturnal Bats Non-Fatal Wounds Noob Trainer Northern Forces Northern Rebirth Remake Nosmos Survivals Oath of Allegiance Obscured Folklore Era Old era Oneness of our Hearts Ooze Mini Campaign Operation Flight of the Pelicans OphiliaANL (Work in Progress) Orocia Random Mod Our Longest Year Palms amid Blue Dunes Panther Lord Pax Romana: The Rise of Vespasian Peasant Uprising Peninsula Survival Persuasion Survival Phantom Blood Phoenix Pick Your Recruits Armageddon (PYRA) Pick your recruits. No preparation turn Plan Unit Advance PlatinumRealm MP Era Plunder, Rebuild and Scorched Earth Princess Nilwyn Prisoners of Fate Progressive Mod Proper Flying and Vision Mods ProWesnothStart(PWS) ProWesnothStart-modf(PWSM) Purger of Evil Purger of Evil Music Q Civ Quickie Fight Raajal Raginature Rally For Roanic Random Campaign Random Recruits Random Units RandomRecruits Ranged Attacks Mod (simplified) RAS Music Ray Among Shadows Raze and Rebuild Rebellion in the fields Rebellion in the North Rebels Tweaks: Elvish Archer unit-line changes Rebels Tweaks: Elvish Magicians Rebirth in Nature Recruit Replacement: Genies instead Falcons Recruit Replacement: Merman Fighters instead Merman Hunters Recruit Replacement: Thieves instead Fencers Red MP Maps Reign of The Lords Reign of the Lords Default Unit Advancements Reign of the Lords Portraits Reign of the lords(modified for my friends) Remove Turn Limits Restart game Resurrection Return from Captivity Return from the Abyss Return from the Abyss - Music Return of Sir Charles Return of the Monster Return To Trent Revenge of Kumakatok Revenge of the Five Revolution Revolution and Civil War Rich Marinaccio's Dragons Rise of the Elementalist River Iris Roleplay heroes Rough Desert Royal Rumble RPG Campaign Demo Rush Mode Rusted Warfare in wesnoth Salt Wars Sanctuary Sand in the Wind Sandbox Map Picker Sapient's MP Mappack Saving Elensefar Saving Elensefar Redux Scaling Mod Scenario with robots Schedule Extender - Midday & Midnight Science Miracle Science Mod (experimental, beta quality) Scrolling survival Scrolling Survival Co-op Sea Fire Training SeaFire Season Changer Mod Sepulchre of Elran Shadow of the Abyss Shadowborn Shadows of Deception Shards Era Shards Era Resources Sharifs Shattered Loyalty Shipbuilding Mod Shuffle Without Color Change Simple Hot Keys Sire's Scenarios Skele Survivals skyraven arena maps Sleuth Sisters Slider Mod Slim Core Slimes Inc SoD Music Soldier Of Wesnoth Son of the Black-Eye Easy Edition Soul Crystals: Leader Revival Southerners and Default Era Speak Mod+ Spoils of War Squad-Scale Units Modpack Story of the Wose Strange Alliance Strange Legacy - RPG Strange Legacy - Trader Sounds Stranger in Wesnoth Strategic Map Terrain Pack Sudden Death Support Past Default Eras (default-1.4 to 1.12) Survival Fusion 2.0 Survival Games Survival Map Pack by EnergiaX Swamp Witch Curse Swamplings Switch Leader SX RPG ADDON SX RPG MUSIC ADD ON SXCollection SXMOD Tactics Puzzles Take Control Of Your Villages Tale of Vaniyera Talentless Mage Tales of the Rubies Tamanegi Jukebox Tamanegi Jukebox Mod TDooO Music Tech Tree Mod Temples of the nagas test The 7 Seasons The Altaz Mariners The Archives The Battle for the Contrabass Clarinet The Beautiful Child The Black Cross of Aleron The Carcass The Champions of Ursidae The Dark Alliance The Dark Master The Darkened Era The Deep Elves The Demon of our Ourselves The Devil's Flute The Dragons Lair The Earth's Gut The Elf, the Dwarf and the Mage The Emperor The Emporer The Fall Of Trent The Fall of Wesnoth The Final Exam The Final Exam NEW The Forgotten Legacy The Founding of Borstep The Fourlands The Freelands Edited The Garardine Ascendancy The Goblin Rebellion The Great Quest The Great Steppe Era The Great Steppe Era Russian Translation (Русификатор) The Great Steppe Music (Optional) The Hammer of Thursagan Revised The Heist The Home The King's Quest The Kraken The Library Of Kratemaqht The North Wind The Potlot Mystic : Story I The Potlot Mystic : Survival Game The Price of Capture The Ravagers The Return of the Darks The Revival of Halstead The Rise of Wesnoth (alternative mechanics) The Rising Underworld The Roar of the Woses The Rod of Justice The Rod of Justice Music The Rulers of Irdya The Silver Age Demo The Silver Age Era The Sojournings of Grog The Soul's Order The South Guard Revised The Tale of Two Brothers [+voices] The Thelien Attack The Three Sisters Saga The Underdog The Unnamed The Unstoppable Legion The War of Terrador The White Troll The Wolves' Last Path The Wolves' last path - Music The World of Death RPG The Young Khan The_Dark_HordesI Thick Blood Thrugbad the Good Time Schedule Control Time Watchers Tiny maps 1.6-1.10 To Lands Unknown To Lands Unknown - Resources pt. 1 To Lands Unknown - Resources pt. 2 TOP GUN Top Scroll Difficult tower defense maps Tower Terrain Pack Trapped - Fight for Freedom Trinity Trolling Mod Tunnel Rats Turn 1 Immobilizer Two sides of one coin Two Teams Three Keeps Ultimate Random Maps Ultra Super Death Gore Fest Chainsawer 3000 UMC Music Book 01 UMC Music Book 02 UMC Music Book 03 UMC Music Book 04 UMC Music Book 05 UMC Music Book 06 UMC Music Book 07 UMC Music Book 08 UMC Music Book 09 UMC Music Book 10 UMC Music Book 11 UMC Music Book 12 UMC_Terrain_Pack UMC_Terrain_Pack_Old Undead Dwarves Undead Empire Undead Tweaks: Ghoul unit-line changes Undead Tweaks: Skeleton Archer unit-line changes Undead Tweaks: Sorcerers Changes Under a Single Banner Under Single Banner Underness Series - Music Pack Unforgiving Hardcore Mod Unit Equipper Mod Edit For Estorc Mod Unite the Clans United Journey Unitmarker modification Unity Magic Mod Unlimited Timer Up from Slavery Up the River Bork Update Shroud Now -Automatically- UREpic Era Vaelia Random Adventures Valeria Valley of the Ancients Visual Map-Pack Voyage of a Drake: an RPG Vyncyn Rashy Era War of Dominions War of Legends War of the Dragon War of the Dragon War Of The Gods War Of The Gods 2 War of the Jewel Warfare of far lands Water Era Way of Dragon Way of Dragon Wc2_Added_eras Werewolf Era Wesband WesCraft WesGo Weshack Wesmoba Wesnoth Chess Wesnoth Christmas Rumble Wesnoth Life Map Pack (WLMP) Wesnoth Lua Pack Wesnoth Music Player Wesnoth Music Player Extras Wesnoth Terraforming Wesnoth Tower Defense West's Chronicles I West's Chronicles II White Dragon 1v1 maps WhoWins Wild Era Wild Frontiers Wild Peasants vs Devouring Corpses Wings of Valor Wings of Victory WL Era WML Guide Word_Conquest_II Invest system MOD World Conquest II World War II Era World War II Era (Italic Version) Woses with Traits Wrath of the Lich Lords Xalzar Quest XP Bank (MP/SP mod) XP Manager XP Modification Zombie Apocalypse RPG Zombie Randomizer Zombie Survival - Last Stand at Gaer Derole Zombie Survival Scenarios Zombies:Introduction