Mental Khalifate






Eagle 11


update: removed herbal antidote from healer line because immunity against poison was not intended, fireblade lost leadership gained inspire which is fix +10% dmg for all levels and can stack with leadership, tweaked/added team-coloring of/to some sprites (still unfinished). Available for 1.10.x and 1.12.x series, however 1.10.x iteration is outdated and wont be updated anymore.
 Try this faction if you ever wanted a Khalifate faction that behaves and functions differently than the mainline iteration, or if you are generally fond of the orient/saracens. The main difference is that this one is more closely integrated into the world of wesnoth and does not feel out of place whilst playing with them. The Mental Khalifate has an different, heavily edited unit roster involving sorcerors, assassins, djinns, war elephants, flying healers and -most importantly- memorizable unit names, hereby also worth to mention that they have an variety of unique custom ability and weapon-specials.



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