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  This is the era which succeeds the Battle For Wesnoth era — a.k.a. the “Default Era”.  It features the same factions as that era, plus a faction known as the Xalıdı.
  Yep, this is the Khalifate faction with new names.  I'm not gonna bother with commentary on any of the old controversy, but I will venture that it was one of the factors with why there are yet some longstanding unhoned aspects of the Khalidate.
  It seems that all of that has cooled down since then, and so maybe we can now begin working on improving the Xalidate and their place in the world of Irdya, alongside the Wesnothian and other peoples.
  ed. 0-1
  •   so — if you hadn't noticed already, — name of the faction is now ‘Xalıdı’.
  •   renaming of the troopers.
      One of the complaints raised with the original Khalifate was that the troops were given incomprehensible names.  This was countered with an explanation of the desire to keep a foreign–seeming aspect for the Xalıdı.  Someone returned that we could use both Arabic names and translated names, but their suggestion was never, to my knowledge, rebutted or acknowledged.
      Of course, there are numerous vagaries here; a few among them are:
      ‣   If you are putting yourself in the shoes of a Xalıd, then does it really make sense to distance yourself from what is to them familiar culture?
      ‣   If the Xalıdı words are obvious to a speaker of Arabic, then why are the Wesnothian words chosen from the vulgate and not made a distinctive aspect of Wesnothian culture?  Along a similar vein:  Why not make the Xalıdı words some invented Arab-esque rather than contemporary Arabic?
      — Q:    Wait, wait.  Every name now has a citation referring to a proper Arabic word.  Why not invent those Arab-esque words?
      — A:    It is Arab-esque:  most, if not all, of the forms are probably incorrectly constructed; none of them are inflected properly when used in any contexts.
      —       As to why the words were derived from Modern Standard Arabic, and not simply phoneme strings which seem Arab — i.e. Arab–esque:  We are undecided; it is helpful to start somewhere.  Once we have the Arabic and the English pairs decided, we can proceed.
          Anyways — moving on, then.
      ‣   For what are they named — a Xalıd, or a Calıph?  I chose the first of those two because, excepting one or two vestiges of “Khalif”, it was consistent with various flavor and lore descriptions provided in the faction.
      ‣   I used the dotless ‘I’ pair.  Why?
          I ı  İ i
          Obvious.  A better question is why only the Turks and a few others do it.
      •   added some feminine variations for the "Hakim" and "Rami" lineages.
          should the "Khaiyal" and "Faris" have them too?  variation added to the "Mufariq" only — and that merely because it was easy to research.
  •   tweaked some of the personal names.
  •   added rudiments of a race description.
  •   a few corrections of spelling and grammar.
  •   some movement of text strings and data paths.
      nothing too difficult to follow:  almost all data names were maintained; two new pathnodes and five data amongst those two were made where two clumped data were originally.
  origin of this fork is:
    commit 72f9a4f270cf3087d07482eb58c50c7acfa5ae26



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