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Recommended play: use the modification 'Pick your Recruits - No preperation turn', set unit limit 7 per player, pool type 'Original recruitlist', gold limit -1 and use 'Uber Default' era. Because the factions became so bloated with the new units, and the average recruitable unit count of an default era multiplayer faction is 7, so that way you can play mainline-like experience.

Dont get fooled by the naming, this is my personal test-bed era.

Here have implemented experimental ideas like:
true ranged attacks but still based on right-click menu, the range is fix 2-hex radius around shooting unit.
different attack ranges, the hierarchy goes as follows: Melee > Short ranged > Ranged > Long ranged.
attacks having an mp cost so units can move after attacking under certain conditions, this is useful for skirmishers.
recruited units not having to wait an turn to move,
giving some factions primitive means for obtaining secondary income, humans can park taxcollector into villages,dwarves can mine hills but need an foreman adjacent, orcs gain gold per village capture, thieves can randomly get trait that allows them an chance to generate gold per melee hit, etc.
forcing an 8-step time of day schedule on the map its played at, it has extra mid-day and -night so 3 turns for both alignments instead only 2,
certain units doubling as extra canrecruiters past lvl2, all default factions have atleast one.
woses getting traits, but still no unique ones for them.
units cant see as far as they can travel, only half of it (flyers have +1 vision range, some select foot units +1/+2), this makes units with high mp essential for scouting.
with much more to come yet.. 

This addon is under development so be on the lookout for bugs and errors, if you have found any can please report at the linked forum thread

Update 1: Fixed being able to fire on allied units during multi-hex range attacks, added missing attack icon for mystic fire, repaired saurian blacksmith and the new drake sprites not appearing, repaired split fire spec, added ignite spec for Inferno and Armageddon Drake ranged attack.
Update 2: Added Northern, Southern and combined Eras and factions.
Update 3: Fixed Heals not working of all things, added some other factions.
Update 4: some missing stuff added.
Update 4.1: some easy to fix stuff get fixed. 
Update 4.2: some more additions to Knalgan.
Update 4.3: added Primevalist Cult faction into Northern era replacing Drakes,and Ukian Remnants as 9. for Northern set of factions,some other minor changes across the board.
Update 4.4: Completed unit roster of Knalgan, some new units and sprites.
Update 4.5: Minor tweaks to Darkelves and some others.



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