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Heindal aka Mathias Lang


Strange Legacy: The Orc invasion came without warning and with a brutality that caught the Human Alliance completely off guard and unprepared for. Before the year was over the Orcs controlled half of the Northland. The Winter finally halted their advance. Meh, what's the big deal. I never cared much for politics or policy. But when my uncle was gone, I started into the greatest adventure of my life.

This campaign is a classical rpg that offers a variety of options, you will just control one hero and bring him to fortune. You can trade, pickpocket, be a bard, bounty- or treasurehunter, or working as a craftsman selling your goods. You can also run a building and upgrade it or doing random generated missions. There are a lot of ways to make a fortune. But the world around isn't always friendly and it will react on your character level. You might encounter thieves, orcs, bandits or wild animals and therefore you will need a proper equipment to defend yourself.

Equip your charcter with: helmets, armors, shoes, shields, instruments, rings, amulets, ranged or meleeweapons or learn more than 80 powerful spells to gain an advantage. Hire one of 35 mercs to defend your load and recall them using your warhorn. Try to conquer an enemy town to gain a constant tax income. Encounter all kind of enemies each on changing maps, according to the terrain - even your ship might be attacked by naga warriors or dangerous pirates. Follow the storyline with 34 missions that will force you to explore the world of Strange legacy. A new amla system will allow you to create a character in the way you like him, allowing you to solve the game differently each time you play and the difficulty is increasing with each level up. 
For the most recent changes check the forum thread. Equip your uncles house with furniture allowing you to craft weapons, armors and cook food. If you like to have a classic RPG try out the RPG Mode. Have fun! 
(1.0 decent bug fixes and essential new features
1.01 bugfixes, details see forum
1.02 bandage and junkstore bug fixed)
1.03 spell changes, ability changes, performance upgrades
1.04 repaired outpost scenario, small corrections to the text, you will now not encounter an army, when you are on a mission
1.05 massive performance upgrade, bug fixes: storymission upgrade outpost, snow upgrade of elves can now be found in a workshop, small corrections to the text, embedded encounters and npc movement directly into the scenarios, encounters are now randomevents, intromission changes!
1.06 a slightly more balanced version featuring a dynamic market, a different load upgrade system and a crafting system based on consumables, instead of goods that require space. This update will make trading a little harder and increases the sense of own buildings.
1.07 several bugfixes, randomdungeons integrated, changed starting scenario to reduce redundancy and added a playable tutorial.
1.071 smaller bugfixes concerning helpmenu and loner ability
1.072 bugfixes concerning version 11.7 compatibility
1.08 leaner code of helpmenu, selloption consumables, improved advanced randomdungeons and encounters, heal wound temple option will heal wounded stats, recipes added, seasons added, marketreset repaired)
1.09 smaller bugfixes: fixed several bugs and replacing unnecessary macros for better performance, glas and sand prices repaired, goldgain when ending turn repaired, swampcity added, ratmissions changed, added bridgebuilding mission, added 16 unique mercs, Swampcity Scenario, Infinite Dungeons with Random Places of Interest, higher effect of the level on the game difficulty
1.091 infinite turns in infinite dungeons, tavern upgrade changed, challenges added, randomsummonscroll added, slight text changes, indenting, halos added for loot and points of interest, changes to treasurehunting and randomloot
1.092 repaired: shipencounter bug, sewerage bug, randomspawn id, enemyspellcasting, changes: drunk can be healed by sleeping and by temple curing wounds, added: sage which can identify flask, new graphics for elementals, demon, orcorcunits, spells, added new units: toads from era of magic, Fatalblade, Deathblade, Medusa
1.093 repaired: several bugfixes, changes: cheaper ingredients and improved crafting macro, slight balancing changes, scattered images different obstacles in dungeons and more places of interest, new monsters: mummies,snakes,flies,panther, new consumeables: movementpotions,attackpotions, different new skills requiring exhaustion
1.100 repaired: several bugfixes (last reported see bugfixes), improved cutscences and music, overlay for hero unit (equipped armors,weapons will show - thanks dugi for the better approach), additional storymissions with really hard quests, added consumables: full mana potion, stamina potion, greaterwarhorn, added ability to destroy walls with picks and bombs, added wisp that can have 11 levels and unlocks up to 10 different spells in infinite dungeons, new spells added: Stonebridge, Gap, Earthshaker, Swampcreation, Entrap, Flyswarm, abilities: smash,rangedshot,wound,whirlwind,cripple,netattack
1.101 repaired: several bugfixes, text changes and balancing issues, dynamic market has less effect and it is again a little easier to trade, the level does no longer effect of enemies in an encounter has this caused still winable, but annyoing battles
1.102 repaired: elvenspells in elvencity, capturing towns works again, new spell woodcreation added
1.103 repaired: all transformspell related bugs, swampdungeon and randomdungeon ship bug, boxmission bugs, added: throwaway all goods of a type button
1.104 repaired: several smaller bugs, modified shipupgrades and battles
1.105 new bardspells, changed crafting, changed trading prices, new monsters, repaired: several bugs in all parts of the game
1.1051 repaired stamina related bugs with bards and pickpocket ability, text changes, dogs, price balancing to improve crafting, food and consumables
1.1052 repaired ship menu
1.1053 repaired infinite dungeon issues, improved code and behaviour, grammar fixes
1.11 repaired crafting issues, random dungeon fix, balancing issues, slight performance improvement, new missions and elements
1.12 repaired several issues, balancing, price changes, new elements such as units, negative states, placesofinterest, improvement of cities and maps
1.13 repaired: boarded encounter, armorspecials, pocket thiefing without stamina, projectile animation enemy spellcasting new features: wolffaction, portraits for john and wolf faction, spellcasting
1.13.1 repaired: ranged special, ranged damage, treasure hunting, increased scolar income
1.13.2 repaired: goods mission, bareskin, treasure after encounter, added enemies with hitchance, eliminated moving carts and objects, added magic and marksman attack specials
1.14 bugfixes: global events, famegain, market-balancing, camping, textcorrection added: citywalls, icons and portraits, equip units, unlimited numeric inventory, buildingworkers, additional dungeons events, faction system
1.14.1 bugfixes: dark wisp and wicked wisps will now spawn, darkwood and volcano will now increase in level, number of equipment (rings,amulet,helmet,boots), furniture will now be useable and some furniture can be crafted
1.14.2 bugfixes: reputationgain saurians repaired, added explaintextes to delivering, put reputations into the status, repaired book of crafting
1.14.3 bugfixes: equip/unequip torch will no longer cause problems, repaired orphan options, levelup equipment works now (basic magic)
1.14.4 bugfixes: wispbuying, ghostarmor, ellipse, desk, macro for factiondelivery, upgraded factiondelivery, added factions orcs, khalifate, nomads, game reacts on reputation and fame
1.15.1 bugfixes: damagegain + several others, overworked factions, added RPG difficulty, overworked faction ambushes, added dark temples and options for darksiders, added 5 different chooseable randomevents + chanceincrease...
1.15.2 bugfixes: herorpg changes, leftweapon, double spell bug, waterbased encounters, cast spells will now work on fields again, traps will show and work again.
1.15.3 bugfixes: avoid/damageup armorspecial, scmitar/rapier/armor overlays, new races/heroclasses, new equipment, overworked herographics, overworked inventory hide/show equipment, randomnpcs and randomattacker, castle
1.15.4 bugfixes: repaired various bugs, wording corrections, balancing, increased mission rewards, blood altar, new skills, new missions, infinite dungeon changes: new factions/traps/random encounters based on dungeon ...
1.15.5 bugfixes: Infinite Dungeons lockpick and shovel problem, you can no longer equip a npc two times, strange legacy amla - wardog repair, reduced goldincome by pickpocket and singing, added books and thief/bardequipment
1.15.51 bugfix: repaired fishingground naga catcher spawn
1.15.6 multiple buy, vampirecity and castle scenarios, bugfixes such as becharm, see complete list in the forum
1.15.7 bugfixes, weapons special changes, manageable village, graphic changes, race/class based upgrades
1.16 bank and treasure vault, temple fix, reduced selling prices for consumables
1.16.1 bug fix concering sandcave, corrected some minor typo
1.16.2 seasons, weather effect, three new scenarios and global events, duels, more/upgraded randomevents, npc equipable weapons, complete list in the forum several fixes several fixes
1.16.3 many bugfixes, several new features such as escorts, assassinationmissions, balancing, encounter changes bugfixes, added randompotion effect bugfixes



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