The Duelist's Tournament




Scenario (Multiplayer)




The Duelist's Tournament is an 8 player map. Each player spawns on one of the four top islands (on a keep) together with one other player (on another keep). The islands are separated with void (unpassable). Each player can recruit troops normally. When defeating the leader of the opponent on the same island as you all your units (except your leader) will be put into your recall list while your leader will be teleported to the island under your current island. Your turn will then be skipped until you get an opponent (who has also won their first duel). When winning your third duel you have won the scenario. There are also some special rules. First off all your leader and all your recruited units have their movement halved. All your recruited units also have the loyal trait. The base and village income is set to zero. Last but not least when you kill an opponent unit you gain gold equal to it's cost.



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