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Quick note: there is also an addon called 'The Golden Age (Singleplayer)' in the 'Other' addon category. It allows you to have TGA units in singplayer. It needs to be installed ALONGSIDE TGA to work though.

Massive era which has multiple purposes: firstly, to largely expand the mainline factions (adding new unit lines, as well as new level-ups for existing units) and introduce new ones which don't look too out-of-place for wesnoth. Secondly, it is made as a large collection of unit images alongside with existing unit files, making it a good collection of units for people to use in their addons. There already have been made a lot of addons that are based on The Golden Age. Examples include Reign of Lords, Shards Era, and presumably Uber Default (only partly though). It's in a somewhat complete-ish state, with updates coming out relatively frequently, and with a lot of new content (i even have a rule that say that no update is an update without new units). But to be honest, it's nowhere near being bug-free, so please report any bugs you find on the bfw forums in the 'The Golden Age' thread. Suggestions are appreciated as well.

new factions: 

Sea Creatures (Only available in TGA +Naval)PS. if you have Inky Quest installed, then they will be translated(because i didn't bother changing textdomain in their unit files, same goes for undead from IftU,and units from Foap))
Nagas (nagas from RotM, but this time in multiplayer.Only available in TGA +Naval)

Outlaws (seperated from dwarves, they have some new units to fill in the gaps)

Northerners (consists mainly of snow creatures.Only available in The Golden Age Extended)

Monsters (Why not? :).Only available in The Golden Age Extended)

Magical (so far heavily incomplete.Only available in The Golden Age Extended)

new maps:

Atoll Wars, Island Battle, Icy Wastelands: just a few 2p pvp maps

Corrupted Forest: an eerie survival map with prenty of unique features

here is quick list of people who helped me in different ways in making TGA better:

IPS: unit balance feedback/critique provider
Aldarisvet: art quality feedback/critique provider
Lumen: Tester
Paulomat4: Tester, a bit like a friend
skelegonsans: Tester/fan. creator of the 'More Units' addon
Angelonius: fan
Xargon: Tester/fan
Bitron: the creator of the Vilkai faction

most of the images in TGA are not made by me entirely, or are just edits of others' work, listing everyone i copied from would be way too long, but, well, huge thanks to all people i copied from!

1.4.9 Release
added Sama (flying alt. advancement for Jundi), changed Orcish Nightblade's id to TGA Orcish Nightblade on the 1.13 version, added race icons for all TGA race on 1.13 (most of them are not exactly perfect, but at least they're better than the image not found image), added new sprite for Marauder/changed his attack stats (including a new 40-1 stun melee attack)/renamed him to Ringleader, renamed Ringleader/Mauler's mace attacks to morning star, slightly tweaked Radiant Wisp's image, fixed Dune Worm's recruit animation not working, added Mystical Archer (alt. advancement for Elvish Sharpshooter), changed Elvish Assassin's damage from 11-6 to 13-5, added a portrait for Elvish Bowrider/Elvish Cavalry Marksman, added portraits for Elvish Gryphon Lancer/Elvish Gryphon Knight, added Juggernaut (lvl4 Draug), added Champion (lvl4 Master at Arms), added new teleport anims for the fallen faerie line, added Champion Bowman (lvl4 Master Bowman)

1.4.8 Release:
fixed a few typos in Dwarvish Hammerdin's AMLA, added Falah (lvl0 Khalifate peasant with a knife), removed Destroyer, and made Titanium Decimator fill Destroyer's role on the 1.13 version, added Khalifate to TGA Minimalist, updated Archwitch/Armored Highwayman sprites, gave Mauler a 17-2 knockback attack, but nerfed his hp to 78, added Luminary of Fire (lvl5 Great Mage), removed unused Vilkai files, added Ancient Wose Shaman (lvl3 Wose Shaman), removed Dwarvish Master Dragonguard and Dwarvish Technocrat, and replaced them with Dwarvish Royal Dragonier, updated Flesh Golem's sprite, added Drake Kensai (lvl4 Blademaster), added new portraits for Arch Necromancer,Bone Pirate,Barrow rider line, Death Marshal, Orcish Pikeman, Orcish Vanguard, and Orcish Warmonger, buffed Heroic Carapace's hp to 62, and gave him a 8-3 ranged javelin attack, nerfed carapace protector line, slightly nerfed the Drake Apprentice line's damage, nerfed Drake Adventurer/Drake Ranger's hp/melee damage, nerfed the salamander line a bit, added Fallen Dryad (new advancement for Fallen Faerie)

1.4.7 Release
increased Thundergobo's cost to 15, increased Avian Rhea's damage back to 8-4, removed the 'desperate' ability, since it didn't work, and added the 'inspires' ability instead, fixed Peasant Farmgirl having no portrait, as well as the fact that she had male sounds, added a new sprite for Militiaman, and made him have 23 hp and also unable to advance to Infantryman, added a new portrait for Gryphon Lord, added Dawarf, slightly buffed Crusader and Warden of Light, nerfed Armored Crossbowman's damage, nerfed Horse Archer's resistances, nerfed Chariot line's bow attack, and did some tweaks to War Chariot's melee, and gave it a trample attack, buffed Horse Lord and Dragon Rider. Nerfed Merman Storm Caller, nerfed Mounted Signalman's hp to 32, buffed Elvish Grand Sorceress's fireball to 18-3, changed Elvish's Assassin's bow attack to 11-6, nerfed Elvish Juggernaut's hp, made Elvish Trapper and Elvish Prowler cost slightly less, nerfed Elvish Vanquisher, nerfed Elvish Mage, nerfed Elvish Bowrider and Elvish Cavalry Marksman, Elvish Spearman now costs 15 gold, nerfed Elvish Shielder's resistances, but buffed his ranged attack, nerfed Mermaid Nymph, decreased Merman Spear Master's physical resistances back to 0% and made his ranged attack 11-5 lesser marksman , made TGA copies of Merman Spearman/Javelineer have lesser marksman, but with Merman Javelineer having 9-4 damage, decreased the cost of Great Wisp, Radiant Wisp, and Elvish Treewalker, buffed Elvish Wisp's entangle attack to 8-4, heavily rebalanced every carapace line (it largely involved strongly nerfing them in certain aspects),fixed Naga Marksman being unable to advance, added descriptions to Naga Assassin, changed Exterminator drastically, removed the Vilkai faction, since it caused issues with having the original Vilkai add-on istalled.

1.4.6b Release
added an 'icicles' attack to Dwarvish Ice Mage

1.4.6 Release (<fecal matter>load of changes. also, <insert pirates of caribbean music here>)
changed the portraits used by fire faeries, changed Naiad's sprite, added Peasant Farmgirl, made the faerie Sprite unable to advance into faerie Siren, because that doesn't make much sense. this option can be toggled in the 'XP bank' menu, if an avian advances while flying, she'll still remain in flight as the lvl2, gave Master Javelineer a new attack icon for flaming javelin, Autumn Faerie's thorns are now orange, changed Dusk Faerie's shadow wave from 8-2 to 5-3, and made the entire line have 6 mp and decreased the exp required to level up, also, made the lvl2 and lvl3 have 'lesser strength of darkness'.made each type of strength of darkness display differently, to make the difference clear, made 'Sprite' have 6 mp, 23 hp, and 22 gold cost, gave Forest Spirit a standing animation, added Merman Admiral (lvl4 Triton), ranamed dwarvish Geologist to Treasure Hunter, increased Dwarvish Brewer's cost to 20, made Doom Bat have 10 mp, gave Hag new melee attack icons, gave Elvish Mage a new sprite and made him an optional lvl2 of Elvish Noble (and heavily altered his stats accordingly), decreased clam's damage, but reduced her cost to 15, as well as her exp requirements, gave Elder Carapace a new ranged attack icon, and made him available as a leader in the drake faction, added Merman Corsair to the Outlaw faction, gave Merman Pirate/Buccaneer a hook attack, fixed Frost Direwolf having no image, also, increased his cold resistances, made Tyrserker's laugh more evil sounding, and buffed it, changed the Orcish Berserker's melee from 4-4 to 6-3, nerfed Altangshe's mp by 1, and his bow damage by 1 as well, added Merman Spear Master (lvl4 javelineer), great wisp and radiant wisp now have their own sprites, gave Signaldwarf a sprite of his own, updated Dwarvish Witness line's sprites, removed Steel Crusher, since he isn't that interesting, to be honest, renamed the entire Dwarvish Earth Adept line, and gave them a new attack icon for their 'stones' attack, and improved it's animation, also, the lvl1 can now advance to Dwarvish Ice Mage, nerfed Wolf Archer's fire bow to 12-2, buffed White Troll's poison vapor, changed Initiate Lich's sprite so that he has a book, just like in his portrait, also i updated his description, renamed him to 'Apprentice Lich', made him have 6 mp, and 8-3 chill wave and 6-3 shadow wave, made Apparition's bane attack have the 'no counter' special instead of shock, also, changed it's type to cold, also, updated Apparition's chill tempest animation. increased Void Mage's arcane resistance from -40% to -20%, Dwarvish Blazer now has the 'dwarf fire' attack without needing the amla, added fancier animations for shadow wave/noctum of the Dusk Faerie line, gave Sage Futuristic a new sprite, nerfed Avian Rhea's hp and melee damage, but gave her the 'desperate' ability  (+25% damage when hp is below 50%), gave Dragon Rider a new portrait, but nerfed his lance damage to 23-2, and Horse Lord's lance to 20-2, gave Auxillary Master a new portrait, changed the sprite of Merman Praetorian Guard, nerfed his spear damage to 18-2, and his shield to 22-1, but gave him the protection ability, and knockback on the shield, gave all djinn the 'magical first attack', and made Genie's chill wave attack animation fancier (same goes fr vilkai Animist/Druid) also, the djinn have a bit weaker melee, but stronger ranged, added a souns for Colossus Lich's claws, added an idle-like anim for Elvish Avatar

1.4.5 Release (lots of changes, but only a few new units)
removed lesser marksman from Vilkai Hunter, but reduced his cost to 18, changed Vilkai Herbalist's slow attack to poison. renamed Guardian of Irdya to Ancient Faerie, since she's waaaay too weak for her title,changed the avian movement costs while they are in the flight mode, added Frost Direwolf (lvl3), renamed Vilkai Guardian of Nature to Wolf Fanatic and renamed Vilkai Ghost Warrior to Spiritual Warrior, added Dread Wolf, made the Dwarvish Runesmith branch able to advance all the way to lvl5, renamed Dwarvish Underearth King to Dwarvish Runic Lord, and gave him a portrait, changed the URL mentioned here to be actually accurate, gave Avian Thorntail lesser marksman on the bow in the ground form, improved Master Javelineer's flaming javelin attack animation, nerfed Arch Necromancer's damage on all attacks, but made him retain 30 hp in lich form istead of 25, and death damage to 12 from 8, but made the death damage unable to kill, increased Phoenix Knight's fire resistance to 80%, but nerfed his sword to 14-4, made 'The White' lvl5, and increased his hp to 80, changed Void Mage's noctum from 14-4 to 16-3, fixed Goblin Ravager having the goblin traits if not leveled up from a unit, but rather spawned by other means, changed Royal Necromancer's level to 5, and changed his stats accordingly, also, he now attacks using the axe shown in his sprite, and now he has the 'lich transformation ability', just like Arch Necromancer, removed 'terror' ability from Abomination since it was too overpowered, added the 'dread' special to the melee attack, and gave it the 'regenerates' ability, fixed Soul Shooter's soul arrow animation behaving weirdly, added Ancient Cactose (lvl3), slightly buffed Dragon Rider's melee attacks, fixed Initiate Lich being unable to advance in multiplayer, renamed 'Greatsword' to 'Greatswordsman', made the Vilkai have -10% fire resistance, nerfed Genies' and Afariyats' hp and lvl3 melee damage, but gave them cold/fire ranged attacks, made Ancient Faerie's 'arcane rage' attack's projectile bigger, and able to deal 33% of the main damage to all units around the target, same goes for Prince of Darkness's arcane variant, also, i made the arcane rage attack have the 'focused' special, decreased Ancient Faerie's hp from 333 to 250, nerfed Orcish Pikeman's damage, added Young Saurian to the drake recruit list, added the 'shockwave' special to Armored Troll and Siege Yeti, added portraits to the elvish civilian

1.4.4 Release (well, i think i have a bit too much spare time :), anyway, have a big update!)
updated TGA RPG, added a fur hat AMLA to dwarvish tyrserker, added the Vilkai faction to TGA Extended (the original is from the 'Default +Vilkai' era made by Bitron)(Note: the versions in TGA and the original develeped separately). also, i trimmed down this changelog again, and made the newest updates appear on the top, instead of bottom, added descriptions for salamanders, fixed dragoon being unable to advance properly, fixed Death Marshal having weaker resistances than Death Knight, nerfed Hellstorm Rider's ranged attacks, fixed Healer Mage not being able to get TGA advancements, fixed undead faction not having TGA bats, removed 'TGA config mod' since it doesn't so anything, fixed some bugs, made Dune Worms  able to move on all non-water terrain, but slightly decreased their health, and have 40% defense on flat terrain, added Young Cockatrice, made Cockatrice an Chimera's melee damage stronger, made the cockatrice line have more unique resistances, movement costs and defense, as well as made them able to use their claws on offense and gaves them selfheal, Chimera can now fly over water/chasms, added Goblin Ravager (lvl3 Pillager, rides on a giant spider), added Chak’kso Ney’yks (yes, he's from Caves of the Basilisk's description), added a new portrait for Elvish Vanquisher, improved Apparition's secondaty attack, added Guardian of Irdya (lvl9 unit which can only be obtained by using the debug mode), gave Forgotten Sentinel a shield attack, and nerfed his axe damage by 1, added Troll Bombardier (lvl4 Boulderlobber), gave Master Javelineer a fire javelin attack, replaced Void Mage's fireball attack with noctum, and made him chaotic, added Elder Gryphon (lvl3 Gryphon, obviously), fixed rabbits only having the white variation, fixed lvl2 Gryphon Master Being able to advance to lvl2 Gryphon Knight, Celestial Mage now has a portrait, added Prince of Darkness (once again, debug only for now. has a few variants), changed the sprite of Elvish Horsebow, and renamed him to Cavalry Marksman, buffed Merman Praetorian guard's spear damage to 20-2, and gave him a shield bash attack, added Silver Archmage, buffed Golden Mage to keep up with Silver Archmage, changed the sprite of Naiad . added Elvish Mounted Expeditionary (lvl4 Scout)

1.4.3 Release (fancier faeries, improvements to other units, and Raaaaaabbits! Yay!)
change Banana Warrior's stats, added Banana unit. gave fire faeries, their fallen counterparts, and the domain guards idle animations. gave pixies a death animation. gave fallen sprite and fallen faerie new images, gave a new image to Autumn Faerie. fire faeries now have an orange-tinted halo when using their ranged attack. gave Domain Protector a new sprite, added Magical Book (a floating book which can cast spells, and have an AMLA), added a 'Magical' faction to 'TGA Extended', added Apparition (opt. lvl4 from Spectre, which can teleport), replaced Domain Guard's noctum attack with ethereal storm to make him feel less like a male dusk faerie copy with a spear, added Thrall line (zombies with maces. can be advanced to by walking corpses), changed the sprite of Dwarvish Woodcutter, added Naga Assassin (lvl3 Naga Hunter), renamed Naga Ninja's 'steal' ability to 'stealth', to make it more accurate, and gave him a 19-2 sword to make him more versatile (different damage distribution), added Floating Eye line (for the Monsters faction), made the TGA versions of bats cost less, remade Rabbit's stats to make him more interesting,  and made it, so that when you recruit a rabbit, it might randomly get one of four preset fur colors (and some secret variants too, but i'll leave finding them to yourself ;) )

1.4.2 Release (mostly just implementing some balance ideas from the forums, and a few level-ups)
Heavy Infantryman copy now costs 18 gold, and Ghost copy 19 gold, buffed Alguasir/Altawir line, removed 'camouflage' ability from Altawir, added Altangshe (lvl3 Altawir), added Battle King (lvl4 unit with 20% resistance to all weapon types) added Chariot line to Loyalists, buffed Ealim, nerfed Masun branch a bit, slightly buffed Eskiya, buffed Living Nightmare. added Void Mage (lvl4 human mage, kind of a darker version of Archmage. is very good at staying alive, but has a huge arcane weakness as a cost), added Dwarvish Bear Lancer (opt. lvl2 from Bear Rider). when units with the 'immortal' ability are reborn, their killer won't get exp (this was done to prevent immortal units easily becoming exp farms), added Eternal Lich (lvl5 version of Ghost Lich, which has the 'immortal' ability), added Elvish Gryphon Lancer (so far can only be gotten with debug), fixed Thundergobo's and Vundergobo's sprite not displaying and gave Vundergobo a new sprite (edit of the impaler), increased the health of Goblin Spearmaster by 5, added Hellstorm Rider (lvl4 Barrow Wight), added idle animations for the Dusk Faerie line, Elvish Shyde's levelups and pixies .added a new ranged attack animations for pixies, fixed recruited ghosts being unable to get TGA levelups. expanded the monster faction (maybe a bit too much :) ), added AoH Extended (including Monsters and Northerners)

1.4.1 Release
replaced Dwarvish Mountain King's ranged attack with a 12-2 hatchet, added Auxillary Master (lvl4 Cavalier), added animations for Light Bringer, added a fire dagger AMLA for Dwarvish Blazer, nerfed Jouster's melee to 7-3 and cost to 26 (from 25), and TGA Lancer's melee to 11-3, added Orcish High Mogoul (lvl5 Emperor), gave Druid an entangle attack, renamed Dwarvish Ice Sage to Dwarvish Frostmancer, and gave him a 6-4 slowing attack, added Dwarvish Sage Futuristic (lvl4 Dwarvish Loremaster), TGA version of Dwarvish Scout now has a 7-2 ranged attack instead of 8-2, weakened Sentry's fire/cold resistances, buffed Forester, nerfed Armored Crossbowman, made TGA Dragoon have 7-4 melee, added Mounted Signalman (lvl1 Signalman),added Flareman (another lvl1 for Signalman), nerfed Outlaw Swordswoman, renamed 'chaos' weapon special to 'whirling counterattack', did some nerfs to the Elvish Ancestor and Forefather (though not as severe as IPS suggested), slightly nerfed Maji, nerfed Zarif

<!!!>( *< 1.4.0 Release >* )<!!!> <Currently the largest unit update for now> )<!!!> (i think i just keep outdoing myself with these things :)) (Note: i changed the version numbering to this: <version porting>.<big updates>.<small updates>)
Overall changes:
changes to te Dark Cultist line (added lvl1 and lvl3, and the line can now get a fearless trait to make sure that it's already low damage won't go down to entirely useless at day) added Dwarvish Gryphon Scout (opt. lvl2 from Gryphon Rider with a net ranged attack), new melee/ranged attack icons for the Carapacian Forager line, tweaked Arch Necromancer sprite, added Initiate Lich (opt. lvl2 from Dark Adept, advances into Lich), renamed units from the Battle Mage line, added a halo for melee whirlwind attacks (like slitherblade's), added Elvish Bloodmaiden (opt. lvl2 from female elvish hunter. she is a swordswoman with skirmisher, whirlwind and lesser marksman, but no bolas), added Dwarvish Earth Adept line (they have a weak/fast impact magical attack, and a strong/slow arcane range magical attack), added Archer Knight (lvl3 Horse Archer, he has his own description), added a swoosh halo for melee attacks for many animationless units (animation charity ^_^ ), added Plunderer (opt. lvl2 from Thug), new sprite for Dwarvish Headhunter, added Archaic Wose (lvl4 wose), renamed dwarvish ancient berserker to dwarvish ormserker, added a new description for Dwarvish Alchemist and Dark Cult Enforcer, added Wyvern, expanded Tyrserker's AMLA, added Dune Worm, added Weasadillo, added Royal Hound, expanded Tyrserker's AMLA, added Dwarvish Hammerdin, made athvari a separate race, added Lost Athvari, added Unforgotten Athvari, added a description for the Ice Golem line, added Rakib (opt. lvl3 from Faris), tweaked animations from Dwarvish Bear Rider line, tweaks to Waghad-al-lahab (new ranged weapon, added flaming combustion ability, death anim, bob anim), added Bear, added a trample attack to Lunatic Knight, new sprite for Troll Boulderlobber, added Black Dragon, and it's skeletal variant, death/recruited animation for Saray, added najae-snake, added Scarab, added Celestial Mage (lvl4 from Mage of Light), tweaked Elvish Hunter line (lvl1 cost is now 19, made hill/mountain defense normal, but descreased their movement cost there), added a 'teleport strike' weapon to Golden Mage, added Quismat, added Soul Shooter (lvl4 from Banebow), added Ancient Ogre (lvl4 ogre), added Dwarvish Rapidfire (opt. lvl3 from Dwarvish Smuggler, made 'incinerates' special not work on some units and be curable by standing in water),added Wyvern Rider, some tweaks to Saray, added Greatsword (opt. lvl3 from Swordsman, who has resistances of the Heavy Infantryman line), added a new attack icon for bear rider line's ram attack, added Vasi, added Storm Tower, added Grand Storm Tower, recolored Living Nightmare's red cloth to TC, added Spikes, added Healing Tent, tweaks to Corrupted Forest ,added some color variations for Vizier, added a portrait for Sea Orc line, added Ustura, added Ascended Ustura, added Dwarvish Roamer, added Uyanmak line, added Dwarvish Monarch (magic-oriented opt. lvl4 from Dwarvish Lord), a new sprite for Sea Orc, as well as franken from it as a new orcish marine sprite, once again some balancing tweaks to the units, this time i won't go into details to shorten the lenght of the changelog (you can look at the TGA forum thread), added Magical Scimitar, added Elvish Gryphon Knight, added a new sprite for Dwarvish Warden, added Catapult line, faeries now can get the 'dextrous' trait, new portrait for Orcish Witchdoctor branch, added a new sprite for Elvish Spearman (and his guard advancements) and removed the javelin attack from him, added TC to the Outcast line, fixed some outlaw lvl2s not appearing in the leader selection (like lvl2 arsonist), renamed the Outcast line's lvl2 and lvl3, added a new 'magical' race for units like Ice Golem and Fire Guardian, added a new attack icon for Ice Golem's melee (yeti fist looked awkwardly out of place there), added Dwarvish Phalanx (opt. lvl3 from Dwarvish Stalwart), the 'cold flash' attack has a different icon now, added Merman Praetorian Guard, added Merman Corsair line, added Merman King line, fixed 'Will-o-Wisp' making games non-reloadable (caused by ID issue),added a portrait for the Flesh Golem, added Young Saurian (lvl0), added Armored Crossbowman (opt. lvl2 from Bowman), added Rock Golem line,added Gryphon Knight (opt. lvl2 from Gryphon Rider), added Jouster (lvl1 Lancer), added Rogue Leader, new sprites for the Fire Guardian line's lvl2 and lvl3, added Light Bringer (lvl.4 from Paladin, and opt. lvl4 from Mage of Light), made the Fire Guardian line unslowable, new sprites for the Elvish Zealot/High Priest, added Horse Lord (lvl4 Grand Knight), added Tidal Wave line, fixed the Thug line not being able to advance to it's lvl4, added Exterminator (lvl4 Assassin), added Mauler (opt. lvl4 from Highwayman), added Librarian (NPC), added Wanderer, renamed Athvari Wanderer into Athvari Spirit, added Horse Cart (NPC), added a new portrait for Elvish Noble, added Wolf Archer (opt. lvl3 from Goblin Knight), added Dragon Rider (lvl5 Grand Knight), added Woodland Enchantress (lvl4 unit without advancefroms for now), added Gryphon Sky Captain (lvl4 Gryphon Lord), added Immemorial Wose (lvl5 wose), added Orcish Pikeman, added Phoenix, added Undead Mage, added Steel Crusher (opt. lvl4 from Iron Mauler), added a movement animation which is used when moving past enemies and an idle animation for Elvish Vanquisher, added North Ranger, added Coast Fisherman, added some animations for Fire Wisp, added Giant Ant, added White Whelp and White Troll, added Druid

Corrupted Forest map changes:
a few wave tweaks, added some forested hills/a few mountains to make dwarves not as useless in this map, and added 2 villages, fixed campfires not working for side 2, as well as units not turning into ghosts on death, added a new portrait for boss stage 2, added thunder sounds before lightnings strike, made the AI prefer to target wounded units (below 50% hp), added halos for campfires, replaced the boss's 'thunderstorm' spell with 'shockwave', ghost portals are now half as likely to spawn lvl3s than before, replaced lvl3 woses with new lvl4 Archaic ones in the boss wave, changed the boss's name, the 'summon_ghosts' spell can no longer summon lvl3s on normal, and has low chances to do that on hard, campfire options now are only shown to the side which is using them, added a best friend for the main antagonist (she also has a special item, which you can obtain after defeating her), the 'campfire' labels are now automatically translated, and have a yellow-orange-ish color :), added orcish huts in the densely forested parts of the map to make them more interesting :) (you can gamble there),tweaked some enemy attack lines, and added a few new ones, made the 'Help' message during the start of the game a bit fancier, as well as made it viewable again via a rightclick option on a leader, minor decorative tweak to the ending, and added credits, made the boss slowly lose max hp while dying, reworked dialogue at the start of boss stage 2

Note:changelogs of versions older than 1.4.0 have been removed to make this list not too long, if you really want to see it for some reason, then look at the addon's files, the file is called 'old_changelogs.cfg'

0.1.0  Release (there has been an awakening...)
the first release



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