The Elder Elves






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* The Elder Elves *

This user made content (UMC) is part of a southern style set of factions which includes the Khalifate and default (mainline) factions. Elder Elves move fast across the sands, can hide formidable in dunes, but are not used to forests like the wodd-elves.

The southern lands, home of desert clans, raiders, bandits, which sojourn the Sandy Wastes. It is a defiant region. Daunting to some but also calling to others ..

The default install of Wesnoth, while having northeners, undead, draken, khalifate ... and other factions, alliances, and soldiers of Wesnoth lacks other southern desert style factions, yet: try it!

This era can easily be intergated in custom scenarios, campaigns or multiplayer adventures. It has a very easy format. Everything is explained in the source files and in various code comments!

Happy virtual fighting and a good interesting experience!



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