Tale of Alan







A young lad striving to be a paladin fights undead that infected nearby lands.

Medium dufficulity, under development,

 Episode 1 'A rising hero' under development 6 scenarios.
 Episode 2 'The White Order' coming soon, the reason i am not workingon it for now is the lack of ideas.
 Episode 3 '?' planned.

This campaign has inventory copied from The Foolish Hero, but with some changes and upgrades

Changelog (starting from the 1.7.0 release)  Release
remade the first scenario ,custom unit for Sam, in 3 scenario on turn 8 will appear a dark adept who can be killed to not appear in final level Release
tweaked the hard mode to be more challenging, better map for final level, fixed peasants not appearing on normal, you lose if 2 peasants die instead of 1 Release
all undead drop gold now,not only zombies, tweaked Help menu a bit Release
worked on final scenario a bit, tweaked Help menu a bit more Release
worked on final scenario a bit more, holy water can now be bought Release
tweaked a few things here and there Release
Remade maps and added some small storyline things, few tweaks here and there Release
added bowriders (basically archers on horses), buffed up Joe (the village elder),remade sam into a bowrider Release
added skeleton riders (basically skeletons on horses),remade some maps, plenty of small improvements in the final thenario, gave the necromancer a boss icon (credit to Invasion from Unknown campaign) ,made an option to skip first scenario Release
porting to 1.12 version of Wesnoth,fixed intelligence potion bug (also made it give 12 exp instead of 7 to compensate it),buffed up life potion (from 14% to 20%),some balance improvements,buffed up dogs, added portraits into shops Release
Dwalin is now a gryphon rider (because, let's face it, he was almost useless on foot),made cavalryman cheaper (19g > 17g, because in 1.12 his original price changed the same way) Release
remade Alan's unit sprites (Into ones from The Fellowship of Clay),added a portrait for the paladin Alan saves in the first scenario,improved first scenario even further Release
made shops into macros in the shop_macros file (because i am going to make part II of Tale of Alan (same add-on, seperated campaign), fixed soldier camp bug which shows that you can hire 0 (any mounted troop) instead, the option now dissappears),Skeletons now can sometimes drop weapons which are weak but if have nothing else to spare, then they might come in handy Release
remade a few of Town Leader's dialogs, Gave Dwalin a ranged bolas attack, added a lvl3 gryphon rider called Gryphon Lord (the one from Carved in Stone),fixed the bug of Death Baron not appearing in scenario 5 Release
in scen. 5 the final wave appears on the northern side of the map instead of western, once again tweaking first scen.,added a portrait to bowrider line,tweaked aethenvan's portrait,made sam advance into a paladin archer,made the dialogues a bit nicer and less stupid, and a few things i won't tell you about *wink*



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