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A pack of five simple multiplayer modifications, which can be turned on or off individually:

1. Squads Mod adds swarm special to all attacks, doubles HP, but also attack number. Furthermore, it allows fusing of units in order to heal and rescue experience of low-hp units. The mod comes with a few balancing tweaks to counter these changes.

2. No Heal on Advance Mod removes full healing for advancing units.

3. Defined Army Mod disables recruitment after first turn, but allows units to leave castle hexes directly after being recruited.

4. Better Castles Mod increases defense on castles and keeps by 20% for all units.

5. Group XP-mod splits killing experience among nearby units.

6. In addition to these works, this version will include the advance on kill mod by Eagle 11 in a version that works with the Group XP-mod and No Heal on Advance Mod.

The mods are meant to be used in conjunction with the Advance on Kill-mod by Eagle 11 and my own Proper Flying-mod, but also work completely on their own. Also, they should be compatible with several non-default eras. Feel free to leave feedback in the thread provided below, I am especially curious about which of these mods are actually played, since I consider splitting the pack.



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