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Forewarning: There may still be an bug present that occasionally causes unit to be not get loaded into the Transport Ship. If that bug ever happens, simply unload the 'fake' unit then try again.

When this mod is on you can recruit two types of ships on shallow or deep water hexes adjacent to an Village that belongs to you. Then through right-click context-menu can order an War Galleon or Transport Galleon to be recruited on the water hex.

The Transport Galleon can ferry one non-mechanical land unit over the sea and is entirely defenseless. Note: Your leader(or any other canrecruit=yes for that matter) may not use the boat. To load an unit into the ship, both the ship and the unit to be loaded must have atleast one movepoint remaining and be adjacent to each other, then you can right-click on the transport and use Load into Boat. Should there be multiple adjacent friendly units present one will be picked at random.
Units that are already flying, floating or swimming cannot get loaded into an Transport Ship, to filter them out used type=id's, therefore filtering out swimmer and flyers only works for the Default era. Units cannot be unloaded into impassable, water(can into ford or swamp), lava, mountain or volcano terrain when disembarking out of an Transport Ship. Upon disembarking the exiting unit will have 0 moves remaining.

The War Galleon has an Ballista with 10 pierce damage 2 strikes attack and does not transport any units. Both ships have 20% resistance to cold, 10% resistance to pierce, take 20% increased damage from fire and 10% increased damage from impact.
The ships are level 1 mechanical units with 35 hp and 5 moves that cost 15g, have normal upkeep, 50% defense in water(40% in swamps, 30% in reefs), can only travel on wet terrain(those being water and swamps) and absolutely cannot go on land. Also they can self-repair at an rate of 4 hitpoints per turn when overseas.

Building an ship may help with opening up new opportunities in maps that have abundant water, such as Weldyn or Cynsaun.



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