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Sane/Creators of original versions


Modified ANL and regular Bob's RPG. Still being debugged and updated. Works, but has bugs.

Random sentence: Gulping down Md dew Dr.Rito looked down on his case files.He opened one stampeddelluminati confirmedand took out the murder weapon,a sticky taco.

0.0.5BETA	-	Undead Challenge faction greatly modified.
			-	New AI factions for Warriors, in three different difficulties;
			-	Unit balancing, especially scout boat is changed a lot.
			-	New units:
				Mounted tactician (Lv2 Tactician upgrade) - Powerful horse unit;
				Minecart (T1 research unit) - Can only move on rails. Defense/support;
				Patrol boat (wooden boat upgrade) - Good for swamps;
				Militia (T1 research unit) - Good melee unit.
0.0.4BETA	-	New units:
				Galleon (T1 research unit) - Naval combat unit;
				Heavy galleon (Lv2 upgrade) - Much more power and defence but slower;
				Explorer galleon (Lv2 upgrade) - Can scout land tiles;
			-	Terraforming option added: Bridges;
			-	Research added;
			-	A LOT of terraforming options and -updates.
0.0.3BETA	-	New units:
				Tactician(Lv1 starting recruit) - Lv 2 leadership, good support unit;
				Strategist(Lv2 upgrade) - Lv 3 leadership, 4 heal, 3 magical ranged;
				Infantry (T1 research unit) - Good defense and upgrades.
0.0.2BETA	-	New AI factions for Undead and Hunters, in three different difficulties;
			-	New units:
				Wooden boat (T0 research unit) - Water only. Great scout;
				Pirate boat (Lv0 upgrade) - Powerful chaotic boat;
				Scout boat (Lv0 upgrade) - Great sea region scout;
				Mercenary (T0 research) - Cheap fighter unit;
			-	A bunch of terraforming options.

0.0.5BETA	-	Error fixed;
			-	Research fixed;
			-	Diplomacy bug fixed;
			-	Strategist idle animation fixed.
0.0.4BETA	-	Bridges fixed;
			-	Terraform prices fixed;
			-	Tactician and Strategist sprites fixed;
			-	Diplomacy bug fixed.
0.0.3BETA	-	Marshal leader fixed;
			-	Goldmine fixed.

Trading post terrain is incomplete and may cause problems.



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