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Modification of Sandbox Map Picker by Horus2 (Which is a modification of Rushed by Yetis (RBY) created by Quetzalcoatl, iceiceice and others). 
Now it is compatible with original official Sandbox, you do NOT need to delete it if you like to keep both. 
This version currently has following differences:
0) Some bugs fixed 
1) You can pick any color you like and it will work.
2) Team sides will show south, north etc, instead of Team 1 etc (bugged again somehow, will be fixed in next version update).
3) Randomization is performed by synchronized math.random so it's different from original RANDOM macro (no idea if it makes any difference, but it should). (I also dont see a reason to use shuffled sides, this thing already does the same thing anyway)
4) Some more bugs fixed (Scarred Foothills was listed in Competitive and Competitive Adventurous, but in reality it was NOT executed. After looking at ladder countil forum it seems to me that the map has very good feedback, so I included it into the Competitive and into Competitive plus Adventurous sandbox as description says on them. For those who does not like Scarred Foothills there is a Competitive by ElderofZion, which has not Scarred Foothills in it, you can read it in map description).
You can download enclaves UNLIMITED TIMER modification add-on and try to apply timer to your ladder games if you wish to do so. 
Added new pack of maps - Sandbox Competitive by ElderofZion

Added maps for 4 players as separate scenarios - 4p Sullas Ruins and 4p Sablestone Delta. 
Possibly bug fixed that could reveal enemy leader (didnt work)
Possibly bug fixed that could reveal enemy leader. (didnt work)
Possibly bug fixed that could reveal enemy leader. (may have conflicts with mirrormate, not sure, needs testing)
Whoever wants to include their map set into this, please leave a comment on forum here (Topic ID 47799)
Report bugs, leave comments and ideas.
Have fun!
PS. all the credits go to original authors of RBY and Sandbox, they done a huge massive work!!



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