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The Reign of the Lords is an era where you play as 8 factions of ultimate lords reigning over a division of wesnoth - yet you are not satisfied. Fight as the greatest heroes, villains, and warriors of The Loyal Human army, The Orcish wartribe, The Dwarvish alliance, The Drake Stormfront, The Wizards of the Land, The Dark Legion, The Outcasts, and The High Elves. Fight in the most epic of battles where every unit has the power to determine the outcome. 
This Era is differen't from all others and in this legendary battle all your soldiers are mighty warriors above level 3. Differen't strategy will  be needed in these ultimate battles as you command a small elite group of high level soldiers. Are you up for the challenge of the Lords?

This Era includes a multiplayer modification option which when enabled allows all the base wesnoth units to advance to these new Lords. The Reign of The Lords Default Unit Advancement addon is also available and allows all campaign units to advance to these new Lords.

(VERSION 9.2.1) - [Bug fix] This release features many new advancements for the classic campaign heroes Konrad, Lisar, Delfador, Owec, and all the rest!

If you have any suggestions or ideas please post any comments on the wesnoth forum about the Reign of The Lords era! The 5 Lords Default Unit Advancement Modification allows all mainline wesnoth units to advance to the lords in campaigns, however it is not required and may conflict with some user made campaigns.



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