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A military part of my future bigger project..
It is totaly playable at the moment.
You recruit units in the castle like normal wesnoth.
Some unit have ranged attacks and can shoot over multiple hexes.
Units become weaker if wounded... 
You research new units and economical improvements.. You may adjust research speed in settings.
There is a realistic small world map for 6 players included (Made by my kind great friend Choicerer),
There is also small Europe map for UP TO 9 players included.
Now also tiny Europe map for up to 7 players for quicker game.
3 Random Map Generators where you can choose Islands, Continents or Crazy FFA map.
But you can play this era on any default map that has castles in it, Isar Cross or whatever else.
By default you start with no villages on map and 3 settlers to build your own villages, but you may change that in settings to start with pre-made villages on historical earth-like maps.
Have fun!
PS. Latest update allows diplomacy alliances and share maps, some bugs fixed. Diplomacy is perfectly usable but still has some bugs which will be fixed in future versions. Some other bugs fixed.
Previous update removes all keeps, now you can recruit in any castle tile, starting castles are wooden, some bugs fixed too.
Previous update included auto upgrading leader with discovering new technology eras, some balancing, changes and bug fixes.
Previous update makes roads double the movements, top player scores moved to the flag icon.
Previous update includes top players scores, research tree simulator, you can use it on other players turn if you click on your leader, or on your turn if you click anywhere and select Advanced Menu. Also images to show where you can build your next village if you select settlers, works when other players turn too. Can be disabled in settings. Some other tiny updates and important bug fixes.
Previous update includes new action - full heal, which doesnt wake unit up when enemy is in range, some technology tree adjustment, bug fixes, unit balancing, improved islands and continents random map generator and more.
Previous update includes AI improvement, now it builds villages, does research, recruits smarter and is overall stronger (gets some extra income). Also some bugs fixed.
Previous update includes OOS random generator map fix, building castles and roads, a new tech, and some bug fixes.
Previous update includes bug fixes, a lot of economical techs, increase of health of advanced units and decrease of their damage (for better balance hopefully), also allows upgrading units in the castle.
Previous update includes ships and maps for ships, also spears are now much stronger vs horses than before.
Previous update includes new units, new technologies, change of prices and research tree, also some QC random maps and now you can adjust the settings so that you would be able to build new cities yourself with settlers unit available for recruit from begining.
Previous updates included new units, technologies, sleep, ambush and fortify abilities, new map. Some bug fixes and other little changes. The research tree will be updated with new techs and units from time to time. Check for updates every day!



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