New Settlers (experimental changes)




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Modification to New Settlers by enclave. It uses lua to rewrite most of core
game to make it run faster. This rewrite hopefully makes it easier to change
and expand the mod in future.

Gameplay changes include:
- Village upgrades and conversion follow build rules
- Ships have changes stats and they can now advance to next level
- Research speeds have been modified making it harder to research harvest
- Ranged attacks can't shoot over impassable hexes
- Ranged attacks can now counterattack even if there is adjacent enemy
- Ranged attacks now select automatically the best weapon based on enemy
- Walls and towers don't give increased HP

UI changes:
- Selecting a worker adds indicators how much gather produces on different hexes
- Boat boarding and unloading follow now similar rules as ranged attacks
- Improved indicators for transportation and ranged attacks

MAP changes:
- Added modified version of mainline Team Survival
- Small Europe map was manually balanced. It should be playable without
   setting adding rough terrains randomly



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