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This is testing UNFINISHED addition to New Settlers Era. It includes orcs. There is no science to orcs yet. And some things may and will be changed. But you may have fun testing this unfinished version if you wish to do so. Have fun!
Recent Updates:
1-05-2016 Added option of No Mirror for 2 players games.
1-05-2016 Corrected orcs goblins ability descriptions were wrong. (Thx mmmmax!) 
1-05-2016 Added option of Random Humans/Orcs race and is default. (no ogres or anything else)
1-05-2016 Added option to disable scholars recruit for humans (to balance with orcs)
30-04-2016 Some minor changes to avoid some errors and conflicts.
30-04-2016 Added Option to disallow Humans research starting from turn X (you specify when you host game, in advanced settings)
30-04-2016 Troll Whelp price dropped to 30f 15g
PS. Please report bugs, ideas etc.. 
To report or give ideas, suggestions, or complaints you may just write a message in your multiplayer game (I will most probably watch replay of it, but make sure it is NON reloaded. Reloaded games have corrupted replays. So I don't watch them).



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