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There are 4 resources. Gold, Stone, Wood and Food. 3 Factions: Humans, Elves and Orcs.
Peasants can build villages, walls, towers. Mages can research new technologies. Then you can recruit army and navy to fight your enemies on different maps, including historical ones. 
It is recommended to play New Settlers on specially designed NS Random Maps, but New Settlers should be able to run on any map from any era. 
Latest Updates: (2018-02-14)
- Bug fix: humans could build villages near other races, ignoring the minimal distance (Thanks ElderofZion for finding!).
- Some tiny bug fixes, forgot what they were.
- Other apocalypse races now also work, you can survive against orcs, elves and humans now too, just choose Elvish Apocalypse race or Human Apocalypse etc.
- Added options for upkeep of gold for units, if somebody wants to try new settlers with gold upkeep for all units (1 gold per Zero level, then plus 1 for each level)
- Fixed bugs for orcs who were unfortified after level up on walls (keeping some of their bonuses).
- Added 7 players Crazy FFA survival, one of them AI, which is in the middle of map.
- Fixed barracks image with diplomacy.
- Fixed some bugs with diplomacy.
- Ships have icon of unit boarded inside.
- Scores will not be displayed for observers anymore, but there is now an icon near where it shows hex coordinates, it will display the scores all the time (Requested by ElderofZion,Ravana etc).
- Fixed some Diplomacy bugs, but lot still present.
- Added option to Enable 2018 Basic Diplomacy. Off by default. Still has some bugs, mostly when breaking alliances with multiple members. Will be fixed in later versions. More options will be added some day. Report bugs and have fun!
- Added walls and towers for elves and orcs. May not be greatly balanced but its better than nothing :)
- Now Population on top of screen shows also how many more units you can recruit and it changes during enemy turns if units get killed or villages lost.
- Extra income setting is shown in scenario objectives.
- Added new Option for zombies Apocalypse. You can now select how much extra income zombies should get every turn (so AI could grow independent from number of corpses and give you more challenge).
I tried to play vs 1 zombie with 10 extra ZA per turn and think that number could be increased (to 20 possibly). Zomby side died on turn 44 (MAP: NS Tournament OT x2, income per zombie 5, zombie cost 20, ZA pop limit 50, ZA start res 100, 18hp, easy zombies, no barracks, basically default settings). I possibly recommend to try to increase the extra income but decrease ZA starting resources. It might give desirable effect of balanced game, but I have not had time to try it yet. 
- After trial game I implemented the rule that extra income will not be given if amount of corpses drops below 10 after turn 20 (This hopefuly will speed up the killing of zomby king when he is obviously losing but keeps spamming tons of armies while surrounded from all sides).
- Fixed some unnoticable bugs with zombies apocalypse.
- Added notice about attempting to shuffle sides with given minimal distance. If minimal distance is impossible then it attempts to decrease minimal distance until spawns are successful.
- Added option to shuffle and randomize starting positions. Where you can choose minimal distance and minimal size of Island to spawn a side. 
- Big fixed orcs elves: capture village gives correct sides a choice what to do.
- Bug fixed: zombies appeared on zombies turn dont have moves.
- Zombies dont steal resources when capture villages and you can not steal resources from zombies too.
- Post-Optimization BUG fixed: captured villages may be destroyed or captured etc.. and choice is given to correct players.
- Ranged attacks defender unit damage fixed, should be no more lua error in certain conditions. (THANKS Shrieker!!!)
- Objectives link fixed, was giving error into stdrr file. (Thanks Shrieker!)
- Description of building human villages distance changed according to minimal village distance settings. (Thanks for report Shrieker!) 
- Woses get decreased HP if option to decrease military hp is on.
- Lua bug fixed on leveling (THANKS Shrieker for hint where to find bug! Thanks others for report!)
- Modified some zombie apocalypse things.
- Some older and unused options removed.
- More optimization done.
- More optimization done to reduce savefile size.
- Bug fixed orcs: development research menu now showing development project and spare development points.
- More optimization done to reduce savefile size and increase speed. Looks like the savefile gains a lot of MB after 1st reload for some reason, but only once.
- Speed optimization done to Elves and Orcs resource income and collection. Makes sense to have manual income refresh only for humans because for elves and orcs it should be quick now. 
- Massive optimization done, nearly halved WML save file size, so you may forget about broken saves most probably now.
- Corrected elvish Trader description for trade.
- Bug fixed for elves where trader was getting 5 gold away from village.
- Some more optimization done to reduce join/save file size.
- Some zombie apocalypse optimization done.
- Shortened Objectives text to show less updates.
- 1st turn help doesnt show for ai sides.
- Some bugs fixed, some optimization done.
- Optimized balancing maps, now it is very quick and message removed.
- Bug fixed: random survival map x3 had a bug with OOS and disappearance of enemy ai side.. (Thanks for report Ferranzo!)
- Bug fixed: starting resources were still according to pre hosting menu if host for some reason decided to choose settings from in game starting menu. There was a conflict with menu - Enable modification of starting gold for each player separately - if it was ticked as true (default). (Thanks for report Ferranzo!)
- Shortened name for Apocalypse each zombie side starting resources, some people had problems viewing amounts (Thanks Ferranzo for report!)
- Optimised speed of highlighting the hexes where can or can not build new villages.
- TRIAL: elvish baby wose gets 2 extra seeds to plant forest.
- TRIAL: elvish civilians cost 1 less gold and 1 less wood.
- Bug fixed Elves: Researching Elvish Druid enabled research of Elvish Shyde.  
- Now message appears if Map Balancing Option is ON and notifies players to wait while map is being prepared.
- Added 5 Crazy FFA maps for tight combat (4,5,6,7,9 players). Starting positions are very close, so battle begins soon. Who will survive?
- Bug fixed: Possibly fixed start of game OOS for large random maps and many players. Thanks gfgtdf for your lua WML code help!
- Bug fixed: Possibly fixed start of game OOS for large random maps and many players. Thanks Ferranzo for hosting!
- Bug fixed Linux Mac: Possibly fixed elvish image when choosing race. Thanks ForestDragon for report!
- Bug fixed Linux Mac: Possibly fixed orcish image when opening research screen with orcish troll or elvish shaman. Thanks ForestDragon for report!
- Bug fixed Linux Mac: Possibly fixed a lot of other images for linux or mac users. Thanks ForestDragon for report!
- Some description typos fixed. Thanks ForestDragon for report!
- Image icon for elvish merchants changed from wooden swords to quarterstaff. Thanks ForestDragon for idea!
- Rules and bugs changed to play Creep Wars with New Settlers as per Zap-Zarap request. 
- Some bugs related to creep wars with New Settlers fixed.
- Added options to setup starting resources and gold for shop with creep wars mode.
- Added option to play New Settlers in conjunction with Creep War. Request by Zap-Zarap.
- Trader description for gathering resources updated.
- Bug fixed: elvish trader was showing gather near village in income, but in reality did not gather any gold.
- TRIAL: elvish traders gather 5 gold inside and near villages on flat, water or roads.
- TRIAL: orcs have 1 less miner in beginning, to allow them choice of recruit assassin or something else before population limit. 
- TRIAL: all orcish whelps have shaman ability.
- TRIAL: Added option to switch income refresh to manual mode which will speed up the game if too much population, but income will not change when you move your workers or mages. To manually refresh income you would need to click your resources in main right-click menu. It will automatically switch to MANUAL mode after 60 population by default, but can be switched back to AUTO by clicking your income in right-click main menu. When you host a game you can adjust the population amount when the switch happens from 6 to 240 where 240 would mean it will probably never happen. Option located nearly at the very bottom of hosting settings.
- Some other minor things done here and there which I cant even remember to list.
- Some other bugs fixed related to fortifications and ranged attacks.
- Trial: fortified units in outposts get 3 range if ranged attacks enabled.
- Added option to use new walls towers even when building NEXT to the hex.
- Default option for new walls towers is yes when building NOT ON HEX.
- Default minimal distance between villages changed to 4 hex.
- Bug fixed: hidden units by fog or ability dont get highlighted as targets if in range of ranged attacks (Thanks for bug report eleVeneu!).
- Bug fixed: slowed units do only half damage in ranged attacks.
- Bug fixed: fortified units able to range attack now.
- Road farms produce 5 food for humans if other terrains enabled in options.
- Bug fixed: Elvish King had 5 moves, now 6 also.
- Bug fixed: instant research wasnt working properly, was only working if spare science was greater than total needed for project (Thanks for bug report Gregory!)
- Bug fixed: humans not allowed to build on mountains. Was only true when other terrains were enabled in options.
- Bug fixed: prices for leaders could be decreased if any of the leaders leveled, system didnt count the leveled ones.
- Balance trial: Elvish Captains who can recruit all have 32 hitpoints and 6 moves.
- Other minor bugs fixed here and there which I dont even remember to list.
- Tiny bits of interface lags regarding ranged attacks fixed.
Recent updates to previous versions: (Last Update: 2017-03-21)
- Bug fixed: possibly solved OOS problem in server replays of elves.
- Elves Update: Baby Wose will advance into Wose and will start as no zoc level 0 unit.
- Bug fixed: shamans were creating a lagged display of 0 income after moving (Thanks mmmax)
- Objectives updated with recommendation on settings from developer.
- Bug fixed: trade prices research was always functional.
- Changed name of trade prices research into Merchant Prices.
- Bug fixed: when trader buys any resource, the display for resources, income and research is updated.
- Bug fixed: now instant research updates resource income as well.
- Bug fixed: lowered amount of lags where units were stopping before attack and needed to chose attack again. Also some moves now can be undone. (Thanks for report Zap-Zarap)
- Bug fixed: orcs and elves resource income display wasnt showing gathering of resources by shamans.
- Bug fixed: elvish merchant sometimes looked laggy and appeared to be elvish lady.
- Trial: Woses can plant forest 2 times (idea by Obiwanreborn)
- Woses display improved regarding plant forest ability.
- Trial: Elves now have 6 population per village, same as humans.
- Trial: Elves are given extra unit at start - Baby Wose. 
- Trial: Elvish Ladies have extra move point - 6 (idea by mmmax)
- Bug fixed: not scrolling to leader when showing allowed village build locations anymore..
- Bug fixed: help for orcs and elves will also show in red and green where you can build or cannot build your next villages.
- Added option to increase the range or ranged attacks depending on level of shooters. Default is on.
- Listed option of extra range per level in intro message.
- Bug fixed: ranged attacks descriptions shouldnt disappear any more in reloaded saved games.
- Added option to select minimal distance between villages (Please try minimal distance 6 or higher, no barracks village upgrades)(Thanks for idea Zap-Zarap!) 
- Selecting HELP with worker on right click menu will highlight in red the hexes that will not allow building villages on them or highlight green the hexes that allow building villages, whichever is quicker.
- Trial: Orcs population per village decreased by 1 (now 7)
- Trial: Elves can build villages on forest as well now.
- Ranged attacks now have less lags and more descriptions.
- Elves now start with shaman and trader instead of 2 workers, tested to improve their start a lot.
- Objectives now include more settings displayed in the end.
- Starting message now includes more settings displayed.
- Ranged attacks over couple hexes enabled by default.
- Bug Fixed Ranged option: now units without range should not get range attack ability after being ranged attacked.
- Bug Fixed: Elves should be able to research ships level 2 and 3 now.
- Added options for ranged attacks over distance for some of units (mostly Archers and Mages). Seems to be working fine.. but might be bugs somewhere. Default OFF.
ANNOUNCEMENT: All versions below have bugs and very highly recommended to be updated!!! Please report bugs if you find any, and dont worry, they will get fixed.
- Bug Fix: elves display for science projects didnt work.
- Bug Fix: elves and orcs were unable to research anything.. (Thanks mmmax!)
- Bug Fix: elves or orcs were unable to recruit anything if no humans present on map. (Thanks viajero and mmmax!)
- Bug Fix: elves and orcs didnt have help showing if building is on SAME HEX or on ADJACENT.
- Bug Fix: elves were unable to recruit some unit types, fixed.
- Bug Fix: scores should now be shown bug free.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Version made saving and reloading New Settlers nearly impossible. Due to huge save file size (more than max. 40mb allowed). Now versions fixed that problem, PLEASE UPDATE! and report bugs if you find any. Optimization required a lot of changes in the code and it could get bugged. Despite so far I tested it to be allright, but playing real game may still reveal the bugs that I couldnt briefly notice while testing. 
- Added optimized instand research for elves and orcs, which reduced compressed savefile size by around 30kb or 1MB uncompressed.
- Added optimized instant research for humans. 0 extra mb.
- Temporarily removed instant research to optimize. Reduced savefile size by around 1.8mb or 40mb pure WML.
- Partial Optimization complete. Reduced savefile size by around 400kb or around 5mb pure WML.

- Bug Fix: elves harvest normal amount of resources instead of magical ones if you chose not to use other terrains in options.
- Allows instant research and development if you have enough spare science or spare development. (Thanks for idea Zap-Zarap!)
- Changed some human prices of lvl3 units. Now some of them cost slightly less. Most affected were Royalguard, gold price decreased by 10 and Master at Arms, gold and food prices decreased by 10 each.
- New Scores system. By default shows players scores every turn. The top9 comparison turned off by default as it only works for humans (you will easily find out if your enemy knows how to play or not, early in game - if his score has not changed for couple of turns then he hasnt built anything).
Its still a bit buggy, but works well. Could be unbalanced yet. Still in development.
- Added income line information to resource bar if you mouse over the amounts.
- Some other minor changes or fixes that I dont even remember.
- Changed non-king Sergeant hp to 32.
- Changed prices for most of orcs units for balancing.
- Some tiny bugs fixed here and there. 
- Critical Bug fixed: orcs can build lvl2 Trolls now. Previous version were not fixing that problem. Thanks Gregory!
- Critical Bug fixed: orcs and elves research population limit was only working as level 1. Thanks Gregory!
- Changed names of races in choice menu.
- Added option to fill the map with missing terrains, it adds hills, forest and mountains where needed so even badly generated random map becomes very very playable. It is OFF by default, because it would badly affect non-random maps.
- Some prices balancing was done, elvish village now costs less stone, more food, elvish civilians cost less food.
- Elvish workers zone of control was removed, as all level 0 they dont have zoc also.
- Trading costs of resources of elves changed slightly for balancing purposes.
- Bug fixed elves orcs: end turn leader label now shows turns until research complete for orcs and elves. Thanks Zap-Zarap!
- Shows resources next turn in income on right click for orcs and elves now too. Thanks Zap-Zarap!
- Orcish Goblins have -1 strike now.
- Critical Bug fixed: all images of units now also seen for mac and linux users. Thanks mmmax, Gregory, Zap-Zarap, GadyLaga!
- Critical Bug fixed: elves had unknown unit type error which was causing OOS and lua errors with elves.
- Bug fixed: Some lua resource bar bugs fixed saying tonumber.
- Bug fixed: Now impossible to get negative amount of resources when capturing enemy villages.
- Now can capture, pillage or raze enemy village when capturing.
- Now can convert other race village into your own. Orcish villages can not be converted to human or elvish.
- Attempts to make different races for every player option now allows unlimited amount of players. Still keep in mind that there wont be more races than total created - 3. So some players will have same race as the others if more than 3 races chosen.
- Some bug fixes for tournament x4 maps if set more than 4 players, or 3.
- Added option that simulates NO MIRROR. Look in top 10 lines of options under name - Attempts to make different races for every player. Works up to 2 players involved.
- Elves added. Imbalanced, unfinished, possibly bugged, still in development, but playable and even can research stuff.
- Multiple bugs fixed for orcs.
- Some balancing updates such as - Orcish leaders can not develop anymore and others. 
- Multiple display bugs fixed orcs: research and develop display information mostly.
- Bug fixed orcs: now resource bar shouldnt disappear in most circumstances.
- Critical Bug fixed orcs: the saved games were becoming invalid and could not be loaded after any discovery was made.
- Orcs added. Imbalanced, unfinished, bugged, still in development, but playable and even can research some development projects with leaders or assassins and advanced units with trolls.
- Building on mountains not allowed for humans.
- Peasants weaker vs mounted units only by 30% not 40%. Trial.
- Peasants dont need moves to upgrade barracks.
- All kind of Ogres temporarily removed due being a bit bugged and untested in certain scenarios.
- Top resource bar now also shows research information.
- Bug fix: top resource bar doesnt disappear on reloading of saved game. 
- Top resource bar will also show current amount of resources in tooltip when not your turn.
- Ctrl Shift g (End Game Shortcut) will now ask all players to confirm the end of game. The game will go on if any side disagree.
- Bug fix: weakness vs mounted units now works properly (wasnt working when more than 1 horse adjacent)
- Modified Left vs Right tournament maps for ease of setup.
- Longer research for some level 2 units who dont have further level up.
- Quicker research for levels 3 and 4.
- Need to research all ships now.
- Peasants got 40% weakness against all human mounted units (Cavalryman, Horseman, etc) 
- Bug fix: removed potential lua error about top resource bar which could appear in rather very rare circumstances.
- Updated top resource bar. Now it will show your potential resources next turn when it is not your turn (same as label on top of your leader).
- Added couple of 2v2 tournament quick small maps.
- Tiny bit modified random map generator for Other Terrains maps.
- Possibly some other tiny changes which I cant remember now.
- Bug fix: corrected resource income for next turn in certain circumstances.
- Bug fix: shroud appears as it should in survival random maps if more than 5 players.
- Gather resources ability shows different info when other terrains enabled in options.
- Bug fix: can start survival maps with any amount of players
- Bug fix: can resize survival map to any size as long as it keeps the ratio X0 to X1 (eg. 60:61,80:81, probably any size when y is 1 greater than x like 56,57. But not sure if 57,58 would work, so better keep y as odd and x as even numbers. Just try if needed).
- Bug fix: unfortified units stop from being healed.
- Changed some other default settings.
- Changed default health of war units to -0 instead of -10.
- Added another map for FFA vs zombies 4p fully non-symmetrical.
- Updated Scenario Objectives, with mini help at top as requested my mmmax.
- Added another map for FFA vs zombies 4p fully symmetrical.
- Bug fix: lua errors should be fixed now. But new resource bar may not appear for Mac users. Unknown reasons.
- Updated User Interface for resources.. they should now be visible in top panel. Also right click income shows resources next turn after slash. Please report bugs. (Income shows your side number, not income. Will be fixed in future versions).
- Added 2 Symmetrical Random Survival maps to use with Zombie Apocalypse.
- In new right-click building menu Peasants don't need to have movements to be able to build.
- Bug Fixed: if fortified unit levels, it now stays fortified.
- Some minor but important change for right-click help.
- Right-click help added for building.
- Alternative build menu has alternative buildings and related abilities if enabled.
- Added option for alternative build menu (right click on peasant, NOT near)
- After Capturing the flag the flag now reappears closer to enemy side and on enemy turn. 
- Capture the flag x4 should be also playable as FFA (not in teams).
- Capture the flag added labels of amount of flags captured by each team.
- Bug Fixed: Potentially all bugs in Capture the Flag are fixed now. Please report any bugs.
- Added 2 Capture the Flag maps with other terrains.
- Bug Fixed: does not put barrack image overlay on first village if village upgrades disabled.
- Changed some default settings.
- Added help for barracks.
- Fixed some visual bugs related to barracks when capturing village.
- Added options to enable Village Upgrades (only barracks so far, this allows to recruit military units)
- Added options to enable other terrain types (snow, ice, desert.. etc)
- Added 4 Random maps specially designed to play with Other Terrain Options Enabled.
Please note: if you don't enable other terrains in options when you host the game, they are disabled by default and they will be erased from map.
- Forested hills now give 3 wood and 2 gold if near village. 1w 1g if away from village.
- Bug Fixed: end turn resource labels dont disappear after reload. (hopefully fixed for real this time. Thanks mmmax for bug report) 
- Bug Fixed: towers and outposts etc should not disappear anymore after reload (fixed before, but as turned out, not completely.. forgot something.. Thanks Gregory and Obiwanreborn)
- Added New Settlers II optional rules.
- Potential bug fix: ogres survival sides will not make zombies if in zombie apocalypse mode. (Thank you MrTom)
- Potential bug fix for top9 not showing correct navy information (Thanks pepeto for reporting it!)
- Bug #1 fixed: Capture the Flag should now work fine. (Thanks Zap_Zarap for testing the mode. Thanks to you and howwitty for finding the bug. Sorry for ruined game!).
- Added shortcut of ctrl shift g to end game and reveal map (I noticed it's a problem for teournamnet maps). Use with Caution. Can disable in advanced settings.
- Possibly fixed resource label disappearance in reloaded games. mmmax please let me know if still present. (Thanks to mmmax bug report!)
- Capture the Flag should now be complete. Try it! Please report any bugs if you find any.
- Possibly also fixed some tiny bugs here and there.. can't remember.
- Added Tournament and Capture the Flag random maps modes. (Thanks Blop for giving me some kind of inspiration :)
- Leader Names in South Europe and SurvivalN1 4p are now fixed (Thanks very much GbDorn!)
- Bug fixed: Units can not be recruited on impassable anymore.
- Added option of choosing random faction.
- Potential Bug fixed: reloaded saved games from server should not have OOS anymore.. potentially :)
- Bug fixed: leveled peasants do not show the ability to gather and build (Thanks mmmax for pointing it out)
- Bug fixed: ogres don't have 70% defense on cave villages anymore, back to normal 40%
- Bug fixed: walls, barries, towers and outposts should NOT disappear anymore after loading saved game (Thank you Ravana very much to help finding the bug! Thanks mmmax for reminding me of bug existance)
- Now ogres can advance to leader ogres and leader ogres to giant ogres. (giant ogres yet have buggy animations)
- Leader Ogres also get loot and maradeur abilities.
- Young Ogres need less xp to level
- Ogres can build fortified caves on hills where their defense becomes 70% (at the moment there is bug, so villages also give 70%)
- Slightly changed images of ogre boat and ogre sergeant.
- Ogres can not build villages on forest, and they can only build villages on hills or mountains or near hills or mountains.
- Bug fixed: ogres income from maradeur is showing correct values now.
- Bug fixed: was some problems with unloading ships in 6.1.0.
- Adjusted descriptions of recruitment of ogres race.
- Made a tiny optimisation with code of income from loot if more than 1 ogre side in game.
- Added Maradeur ability to balance sides.. which is plus 2 gold gain for each unit with this ability who stands within 3 hexes of enemy villages. Not looted from enemy.
- Adjusted Ogre king attack from 20-2 into 15-2 to balance sides.
- Bug fixed: Ogres leader names are as normal...
- Bug fixed: Ogres can unload ships on cave villages now.
- Bug fixed: in beginning of Ogres Survival ogre leaders not turning to zombie leaders anymore.
- Keep in mind income shown for ogres is slightly wrong (maradeur ability may be doubled). Real income is right, but right-click information is misleading or may even not be present. Will be fixed in next version. Also show players progress most probably doesn't work.
* Special thanks to Gregory, Zap-Zarap and pepeto for still being loyal to New Settlers since the beginning - hosting and playing NS games. It's about a year now.
* Special thanks to Ferranzo, forever, doublemint, destrukt0 and everyone else who was hosting New Settlers games and introducing new players to the era.
* Huge Special thanks to Fairfir and mmmax for hosting sooo many games for sooo long time. You have breathed a lot of life and new players into NS, thank you!
Older updates for New Settlers: (Last Update: 2016-02-20)
- Finally a new faction! Very basic, small, but special! You can now play as Ogres if you like. Not complete, not balanced, not tested, but fully playable.
Please report any bugs, just by making chat comments in observable games.
- Potential fix of bug about negative income.. Income now should always be 0. But it may not be as well.. time will tell.
- Something else fixed or modified here and there.. 
- Added Ogres Survival.. To enable it need to Choose race according to difficulty you want and make their side controlled by Computer Player.
- Fixed bugs for recruiting ships starting from 5 and above versions of NS. Sorry for inconvenience. 0 research mode is also bug free.
- Added option to change hitpoints of war units, and made it reduced by 10 by default. Can be changed.
- Added multiple options.. change research speed etc.. 0 research mode.. etc. Default speed of harvesting research is increased by 1.
- Added options for basic diplomacy on right-click. Buggy but it should work for those who really really needs Diplomacy. Will be improved in future. Taken from 1.8 server Diplomacy_era and was NOT changed at all, except some bug fix and making it compatible with 1.12 (Thanks to Ravana, who recommended me Diplomacy_era - Thanks Zookeeper, feature requested by Zap-Zarap, Thanks guys!)
- Fixed bug with 2 leader attacks when not using advanced settings. Made default number of attacks 1 for all units.
 - Added options to select number of attacks of units.. to make the game faster for those who likes.. Default number is 2 now.
- Added Ctrl Shift n SHORTCUT key, to disable/enable workers (peasants and scholars) to be able to scroll units with n key more efficiently.
- Added little swarm melee attack to outposts..
- Added top9 menu when not your turn (Thanks to Ravana!)
Now players can watch other players progress while other players are moving. To do it, need to QUICKLY left-click on YOUR unit and then right-click on same unit. Try! Left-right left-right..
- Added Hero overlay to recruited Sergeants.
- Added NS 4p A New Land map.. which is a tiny bit modified standard default ANL survival map with all ANL mechanics disabled. Totally adopted to be played with NS era to the best of my knowledge. 
- Added starting message with starting resources for each player (if modification enabled or if progressive is more than 0).
- In Hosting options you can now select separate amounts of reources for each player. Just need to enable it in options and then move the slider for the starting gold of players. Difference will be in percentage. For example if player1 has 25 and player2 has 50 starting gold, then player 1 will start with normal starting amount of resources, while player 2 will start with double.
- In Hosting options you can now enable progressive amount of starting FOOD by moving slider from 0 to any other value. eg. if you slide it to 5, player2 will start with +5 FOOD, player3 with +10, player4 with +15.. etc (idea by Gregory)
- Potentially fixed bug for OOS in large random maps (doubt it to be honest)
- Added Hosting Options as alternative to setting up game when it starts. Can switch between 2 ways now.
- Fixed bug for South Europe map.
- Added NS Ironcladkitty Wonderland 3p beautiful and fun map (Thanks Ironcladkitty and Enclave33!)
- Music should now play in all NS scenarios (Thanks VinDiesel!)
- Added NS South Europe map (modified from 18th Century Europe)
- Added NS Survival N1 4p map (may contain OOSes, needs testing) 
- Added NS Underworld 5p with Zombies map.
- Added NS Settlers Cross 5p with Zombies map. (Credits to IPS)
- Added NS Isar Cross with Zombies map.
- HELP on turn 1 is not visible to observers and in replays (Thanks Ravana).
- Added arcane vulnerability to ships because of white mage.
- Added difficulty level for amount of zombies and lvl1 lvl2
- Fixed bug for insufficient resource coloring in some cases.
- Added descriptions for constructing buildings.
- Added all units descriptions for recruiting.
- Added unit descriptions for recruiting Scholars and ships.
- Changed unit colors into team colors for recruit menu.
- Slightly changed appearance for Scholar. 
- Fixed bug with Scholar appearance.
- Fixed bug of resource team label on place where king died.
- Fixed bug of not showing income for freshly recruited peasants.
- Reorganized some macros regarding recruitment and research.
- Era name in lobby is now: 'New Settlers (NO add-on required) Peasants can build, try!' Should be visible to host as 'New Settlers ..'
- King image now has overlay banner.
- Orcish Leader is now replaced with Sergeant 25hp.
- Sergeant price is cheaper than Orcish Leader, but it will increase progressively depending on amount of Sergeants.
- New unit added: Scholar, can research same as mages, very weak, only 10hp, low price. (Thanks Ravana for your help with code of image overlay!)
- Fixed bug: plague of zombies don't work on skellies.
- Fixed bug: now can construct buildings near allied units also.
- Fixed bug: no more autoscrolling to player 1 in team games.
- Zombie Apocalypse settings now can be viewed in scenario objectives.
- Added more options for Zombie Apocalypse survival.
- Fixed team resource grabs from capturing villages.
- Fixed resource grabs from capturing zombie villages.
- Fixed team labels problem for resource labels.
- Fixed population limit bug for ai in Zombie Apocalypse
- Added AI ability to recruit skellies lvl1 lvl2.. and corresponding option for Zombie Apocalypse survival
- Fixed some other bugs with difficulty level ZA zombie prices and ZA income from each zombie.
- Added more options for Zombie Apocalypse.
- Zombie Apocalypse OOS BUG FIXED for good!
- Resource Label changed to more bright color.
- Zombie Apocalypse OOS BUG FIXED!
- Added more settings for Zombie Apocalypse.
- Added SURVIVAL MODE: Zombie Apocalypse!
- Fixed wml terrain error for some maps included with New Settlers (Thanks to Eagle_11)
- Added alternative settings on start (idea by OFCDGCDW)
- Help on 1st turn is adjusted for 45 and 90 resources also
- Stone walls have more resistances to impact now
- Towers and outposts see less through mountains
- Minor bug fix of display of base income for each player
- Fixed some minor bugs and made some minor changes.
- OOS FIXED ON START OF GAME WITH OPTIONS. Now Player 1 can choose some settings in the beginning of game. (Thanks for all your help iceiceice and SoulPower)
- More options for testing mode.
- Now you can see your resources, population limit and research information in label over your leader.
- Now you can see your income on right click (idea by GadyLaga).
- Ships can unboard when no moves left (until next update)
- Now can research population limit. (idea by SoulPower)
- Now there is a feedback page of New Settlers on wesnoth forum 
Please post your comments, ideas, requests, bug reports etc.
- On second turn player_1 will see Wesnoth versions of players (It is not recommended to play with 1.10.2 or below, I believe it may cause OOS)
- Now Team Labels do not have affect on village name placed in same hex (at least in ffa for sure).
- Ships can not unload if they have 0 moves left.
- Ships now can be healed. Read repairable ability for info.
- Bug fixed: Peasants do not self heal 5HP anymore.
- Galleons do thunderer sounds (idea by Zap-Zarap)
- All ships now have attack animations and sounds.
- Changelog in scenario description ctrl+j of new features (idea by lisa) 
- Minihelp in description (idea by Darkhorse)
- Changes Galleons to do 2-22 damage, 6 moves and 3 existing ships now have 1,2,3 levels.
- Help for every player on turn 1 added.
- Extended Right-Click option to compare your progress to other players
- Killing enemy king takes some of his resources to you.
- Capturing enemy villages takes some of their resources to you.
- Help slightly updated.
- Tower life now 150 hp, stone wall life 80 hp.
- Gold on top of window is synchronized with real gold resource.
- Research times decreased 2 times and more. Research quicker now.
- Added some more terrain types for use in New Settlers era.
- Added random maps for 2,4,6,9 players (used modified Sigurd's Random Maps generator River template, THANKS SigurdFireDragon!)
Shroud ON recommended for better experience (Idea by Mordrake).
- Walls resistance to impact is increased to 20%
- Added research to produce more stone, gold, food, wood.
- Added science, now can research new military units.
- Mage in village can research, or harvest any of 4 resources.
- Price of mage increased by 50 food, because of research ability.
- Bug Fixed: some other types of mushrooms are now also food.
- Bug Fixed: cave forest now turns into normal forest on start.
- Bug Fixed: population now includes units boarded on ships
- Bug Fixed: ships and units unable to clone themselves in certain circumstances when boarding/unboarding.
- 4 peasants in start (for time economy) idea by Jeremy 
- Population limit per village decreased to 6 units.
- heavy infantry more expensive
- Cost of villages decreased by 5 stones, but everything else +5
- Can see population limit on right click (same as resources)
- Towers can not be built closer than 2 hex away from each other
- Changed health and resistances of towers and walls..
- Increased prices for units, walls, towers.. etc 
- Added wooden tower Outpost
- Walls and barriers have no zoc
- Towers can see 6hex on land, 3hex on shallow water, 2hex on deep, Walls can see 1hex (idea by Spieler)
- Sorted coding macros into some logical order.. (no effect on gameplay)
This is a modification of Dovolente's DOV Settlers. 
Modification was born on 9th of February 2015.. (I think)
The most noticable differences are:
1) Can recruit an expensive leader unit, who also can recruit units. 
2) Added Ships, they can fight and carry 1 passanger accross water.
3) Some more terrains of maps are automaticaly converted into more appropriate Settlers terrains, for example snow converted to grassland. Swamps dont produce food.
4) Can give villages a name if you like.
5) Villages can not be built closer than 3 hex away from each other.
6) Freshly recruited units can't attack same turn.
7) Can't recruit land units on water.
8) Bug fixed: array of resources was not filled on prestart if some of players in the middle of list left empty. sides_count.
9) Only Conquest type of victory available, no resource win.
10) Total limit of units is increased to 200+ 
There will be tonns more modifications to follow, but further I will be listing them into Updates list above.
Maps are taken from a lot of different add-ons,
Big Thanks to their creators!



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