Mystical world




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8 survival + ffa scenarios.
4 scenarios for 2-4 and 4 scenarios for 2-8 players where you have to survive waves of clones.
First player can set (min/max):
- Waves number (it's automatic counted and depends of stuff below)
- Last wave power (it's automatic counted and depends of stuff below)
- First wave power (20/50)
- Wave max power (70/150)
- Power increase (1/20)
- Turns require to spawn clones (2/5)
- Set from which side get clones:
a) from own side
b) from only enemies sides
c) from random side
- Get gold per clone kill (on/off)
- Set random bonus on castle & keep hexes (on/off)
a) +1 strike
b) +1 damage
c) +15% hp max & hp
d) +10% random resistance (max 80%)
e) +10% random terrain defense (max 80%)
f) +1 movement point
g) -10% max xp
i) +5 xp
j) +5 gold
k) random new weapon
l) random new weapon special
m) random new recruit
n) random new ability
o) -1 movement cost on random terrain.
- Set % value for getting bonuses in castle and keep (5/100)

Labels set in castle and keep are set after adding bonuses to units (at turn start). This is important info because in addon 'Bonus Spam' labels are set before adding bonuses to units (at turn end). Labels from 'Mystical World' use '*' in labels.
Gold per clone kill is equal clone level.
Waves are created from clones, that are getting better with each next wave.
After last wave players locations will open, so they can fight each other.
For now 8 maps  with different terrain type, what will be in future I don't know! If you wan't different terrain or land use other my mode that is called ''Map Randomizer''. Anyway, have fun! I hope you find no bugs in this addon and you'll enjoy it!
Made by ChaosRider :D!



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