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A bit changed version of World Conquest. As for now you can find here more items (in World Conquest is 27 diffrent items, here 245 (which is 9x more than in WC!!!)), more training options for units, more available for leader units. On difficulties Nightmare, Worse than a nightmare, Are you sure of your choice ai sides get extra bonuses for own recruits what make that game difficult.
For most players good campaign is when everything is simple and easy, if you are looking for this here, in this extension you wont be content. Its a challenging campaign, for players who after own lost match will try once again and as many times until they wont win it. Are you one of them, or maybe you prefer simple and easy campaigns as most players?
This addon requires also Modified World Conquest Part 2, in which they are all images needed to play this campaign or use one of MWC eras.
France translation may not be perfect from a moment I have changed WC and named it MWC.
Some arts are created by me, some are taken from other Wesnoth campaigns. scenarios.



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