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This Modification allows you to randomize any map terrains.
Bored to play all maps? Modify them with every hosted game and play them a bit different every time. Sometimes you will get more water, sometimes more hills, sometimes the road you always take will become impassable!
A lot of options to customize what you want to see in result.
More options will be added in future updates of this mod.
Future updates will include:
- More customizations..
- Allowing weather to change during game..
- Allowing random floods or dryness..
- etc
For any comments, requests, bug reports or anything else, please visit the forum link specified below and I would be happy to hear from you.
Recent updates (Last update 2017-07-06):
- Added more options to be able to mirror randomize almost any map. If mirror is not reflected correctly then first of all is best to try the even and odd X coordinate corrections.
- Increased speed of randomization about X30 times. 
- Changed starting image to default so enemies don't know your leader.
- Option to not show message for periodical map change (Thanks for request Bella)
- Option to periodically randomize map for random player (not always player 1)
- Option to randomize map each x turns (Thanks Bella for request)
- Option to start randomization in some later specific turn (Thanks Bella for request)
- Option for Mirror (Symmetrical) randomization for mirrored maps.. CAUTION!!! If you enable it, you may need to correct X coordinate to make map correctly mirrored. It is because some maps are not quite symmetrical (Typicaly in Y coordinate). For example Isar is not symmetrical.. There is an extra gap of impassable terrain in the bottom part of the map. To compensate you would need to adjust it manually.
CAUTION!!! It works with -1 on Isar, but it may totaly not work on any other map even with 0 or 1 or any other number. The result may still have bugs on other maps. Which will be fixed in future versions.
- Changed the system of randomization with additional customizable options to choose the amounts of terrain you want to generate (look bottom of options). Now you MAY select to change something only into terrains you like.. and in amounts you like.
(Plus you may try to keep flats and randomize everything else if you find randomization creates too many obstacles on map. Or if you are a fan of caves and lava, in options you may set other terrains to 0 values and keep caves and lava.. so your map will become caves and lavas.. have fun trying!)
- Decreased the amounts of unwalkables or impassables to appear on map by 50% or so.
- Added more customization options of what to keep on map if ticked: flats
- Added more customization options of what to keep on map if ticked: sand, ice, snow, hills, forests, mountains, oasis, roads.
- A bit optimized speed of randomization at game start. Takes a lot quicker but still far from perfect.



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